20 Awesome NFL Stadium Eats

by: Esteban On  Thursday, September 6, 2012

awesome nfl stadium eats great unique football stadium food

Well, the 2012-13 NFL season is finally here, so you know what that means: heartburn. After all, no other sport is so closely associated with the food people eat while they watch it.

But interestingly, while the best place to get amazing food while watching football used to be your local sports bar, today this is no longer the case. Teams around the NFL have upped the ante to offer a plethora of unique stadium eats that are as good if not better than anything you’ll get at your neighborhood watering hole.

So today, in honor of the new NFL season, I bring you this list of 20 delectable stadium eats from around the league. However, keep in mind that I cannot personally vouch for all these items. I’m just judging them on their appearance and description, so all I can guarantee is that they sound awesome.

That being said, if you happen to know of other amazing food offerings that are worthy of this list, please suggest them in the comments section. We’re always eager to learn about awesome food.

But enough introduction. Let’s get to it, shall we?

20. Ultimate Nachos (O.co Coliseum)

20 Ultimate-Nachos oakland coliseum stadium food

These nachos don’t feature any unusual ingredients. They’re just a mound of tortilla chips cheese, pinto beans, salsa, and sour cream. It’s just that they look about as good as regular old-fashioned stadium nachos can look. And I’m rather surprised these are from Oakland. Based on the reputation of the Raiders franchise and their venue, I would expect nothing more than stale yellow discs and molten goo from these folks.

19. Tony Luke's Cheesesteak (Lincoln Financial Field)

19 Tony-Luke's-cheesesteak lincoln financial field philadelphia best stadium food nfl

If you’re at the Eagles game, you’ve gotta get a cheesesteak, right? Hell, if you’re at the Philly airport you have to have a cheesesteak. In any case, I’ve heard the cheesesteak sandwhich from Tony Luke’s is pretty good, so that’s the one I picked to represent the official sandwich of the City of Brotherly Love on this list. If someone knows a better cheesesteak available at Lincoln Financial Field, by all means fill us in.

18. The Victory Knot (Ford Field)

18 Victory Knot two pound pretzel ford field detroit lions best stadium food nfl

I know what you might be thinking: a pretzel? Really?

But this isn’t an ordinary pretzel. This is a 2lb pretzel topped with sea salt that comes with three dipping sauces—spicy mustard, beer cheese, and sweet cream cheese. It’s enough to make you forget you’re in Detroit watching the Lions.

Wait, what? The Lions are good now? When did that happen?

17. Benkovitz Fish Sandwich (Heinz Field)

17 Benkovitz fish sandwich heinz field stadium food best stadium food nfl

Pittsburghers, it turns out, are crazy about their fish sandwiches. And apparently some of the best—Benkovitz Fish Sandwiches—are available at Steelers games. So if you find yourself at Heinz field some Sunday in the near future, and you like deep fried fish, try one of these.

16. Toasted Ravioli (Edward Jones Dome)

16 toasted ravioli nfl stadium food edward jones dome st. louis rams

The name of this St. Louis delicacy is misleading. These beef ravioli are most definitely not “toasted”; they’re straight up breaded and deep-fried. Then they’re sprinkled with parmesan and served with marinara sauce. This is one item on this list I’ve actually had the pleasure of tasting (though not at a Rams game, because why would I go to one of those?), and let me say, they certainly are tasty.

15. S'pacific Salmon BLT (Qwest Field)

15 S'pacific Salmon BLT qwest field seattle seahawks stadium food

This sandwich from Seattle is just like a traditional BLT—applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, and tomato—only it’s also got a filet of wild Alaska sockeye salmon. Because that’s how they roll in the Pacific Northwest. Now, I wouldn’t have thought salmon and football go together, but 60,000 Seahawks fans can’t be wrong…right?

14. Jonathan Sawyer's Street Frites (Cleveland Browns Stadium)

14 jonathan sawyers street fried (poutine) cleveland browns stadium stadium food

They’d better have pretty good food at Cleveland Browns games, right? Lord knows the team on the field won’t provide fans much pleasure.

Anyway, Jonathan Sawyer’s Street Frites are just a Cleveland variation on a delicacy from the other side of Lake Eerie: poutine. In other words, they are french fries covered in mozzarella curds and gravy.

Thanks, Canada.

13. Peach Cobbler (Georgia Dome)

13 Peach Cobbler atlanta falcons taste georgie dome taste of the south stand stadium food

Peach cobbler would be weird at any stadium besides the Georgia Dome. I mean, cobbler doesn’t exactly go with beer and brats. But there, in the heart of the Peach State, watching the Falcons, this dessert just seems to make perfect sense. My only question is whether they serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream?

12. Alligator Sausage (Mercedes-Benz Superdome)

12 louisiana superdome alligator sausage nfl stadium food

In addition to jambalaya and gumbo, you can also treat yourself to an alligator sausage when taking in a football game in the Big Easy. And while I’ve never actually eaten an alligator sausage, I’m a fan of any smoked meat encased in intestines, so I’m sure I’d enjoy this one. (I’d probably have them hold the onions, though.)

11. JJR's Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich (Bank of America Stadium)

11 jjr's pulled pork bbq sandwich carolina panthers bank of america stadium food

At #11 we have the first of two entries from JJR’s BBQ at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte: a classic North Carolina pulled pork sandwich. And if you’ve ever been to North Carolina, you know pulled pork is a sacred thing. So while this may not be the best the Tar Heel State has to offer, it would probably be the best anybody from, say, San Diego, had ever had.

10. Red & Gold Short Rib Melt (Arrowhead Stadium)

10 Red-and-Gold-Short-Rib-Melt

Now let us move from one BBQ mecca to another, only in Kansas City, as opposed to North Carolina, the speciality is beef rather than pork. So at a Chiefs game, your best bet is either this sandwich, the Red & Gold Short Rib Melt—which features pulled beef topped with sautéed onions, two kinds of cheese, and parmesan-encrusted bread—or the next one…

9. The Chiefs' Brisket Stack (Arrowhead Stadium)

9 Chiefs' Brisket Stack arrowhead stadium kc style barbecue stand

The “Chiefs’ Brisket Stack”—it just sounds mouthwatering. I mean, the only thin better than slow-smoked beef is a stack of slow-smoked beef, right? And for this sandwich the beef is piled up on Texas toast and topped with KC barbecue sauce, onion straws, and pickles.

Are you hungry yet?

8. Beer Cheese Mac & Cheese (Lambeau Field)

8 beer mac n cheese lambeau green bay

Only in Green Bay would they boil macaroni in beer, then smother it with a beer cheese sauce and, of course, sharp Wisconsin cheddar. I’m not a Packers fan, but I’d be willing to make a pilgrimage to Lambeau for this.

7. The Porkopolis (Paul Brown Stadium)

7 Porkopolis-Sandwich paul brown stadium cincinnati

And the award for “most awesome name for a stadium food item, sandwich division” goes to The Porkopolis from Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. It probably tastes amazing, too, seeing as how it features three kinds of pork (sliced pork loin, black forest ham, and split grilled mettwurst), longhorn cheese, sliced pickles, spicy mustard, and a panini hoagie.

6. Primanti Brothers Sandwiches (Heinz Field)

6 primanti brothers capricola and cheese sandwhich heinz field pittsburgh

Nothing says Pittsburgh like Primanti Brothers sandwiches, and without a doubt the king of Primanti Brothers sandwiches is this one. It features cold cuts, cole slaw, tomatoes, and, most importantly, french fries. By all accounts it’s absolutely incredible, and you can enjoy one while taking in a Steelers game.

5. JJR's BBQ Pork Nachos (Bank of America Stadium)

5 JJR's bbq pork nachos carolina panthers bank of america stadium food

At #5 we have our second entry from JJR’s at the Carolina Panthers’ stadium, the pulled pork nachos. They’re pretty much exactly what they sound like, too: nachos with pulled pork on top…which sounds pretty awesome to me.

4. The Chop Baker (Reliant Stadium)

4 Chop Baker brisket stuffed baked potatoe reliant stadium

Everybody knows baked potatoes go great with steak. So why not combine them and stuff a baked potato with beef brisket, then top it off with cheese, sour cream, and green onions? That’s how they do at the Houston Texans games, and it sounds pretty amazing to me.

3. Sweet Heat Fried Chicken Nachos (Georgia Dome)

3 heaven sweet heat fried chicken nachos

Sadly, I could not find an actual picture of the Sweet Heat Fried Chicken Nachos from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. However, they sound like heaven, so I figured this picture was the closest thing.

Anyway, these deluxe nachos are topped with buttermilk fried chicken strips, “sweet heat” peach BBQ, and a chipotle jack cheese sauce. So I guess I’m diving to Atlanta this weekend.

2. The Who Dey Melt (Paul Brown Stadium)

2 who dey melt paul brown stadium grilled cheese macaroni bacon stadium food

While you’re at Paul Brown stadium trying out the Porkopolis, you might also want to try the Who Dey Melt. It’s basically just a grilled cheese sandwich, only it’s also got mac ‘n’ cheese and bacon inside, making it about 20x more awesomer than the ones your mom used to make.

1. The Pigskin Sandwich (M&T Bank Stadium)

1 The-Pigskin-Sandwich m&t bank stadium baltimore ravens stadium food

M&T Bank Stadium is probably more famous for it’s crab cake sandwiches, but personally I find the Pigskin Sandwich more appealing. It features slow-roasted pork with a mango jalapeño glaze, topped with red cabbage cole slaw, roasted garlic mayo, and manchego cheese—a fancy Spanish cheese made from sheep’s milk.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?