9 Ultimate Modern-Day Barber Shops

by: Joseph On  Friday, August 31, 2012


Barber Shop Entrance

When most people think of barber shops, their minds go back to the golden age – red and white pole outside, kindly shopkeeper sweeping up, maybe an old TV and some magazines. But some barber shops go well beyond this classic model – while still others perfect it into the new millennium. Take these 9 ultra-modern barbers, for instance – they offer an enhanced haircut experience for the modern man. So take a look, won’t you? And don’t drink the blue stuff, it’s toxic.

Lior Vaknin's Israel Barber Shop

Modern Barber Shops

From the above photo, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a set left over from some 1960s James Bond movie. But actually, it’s an Israeli barber shop designed by Lior Vaknin. It’s actually for sale right now

Art of Shaving

Modern Barber Shops

For $55, you can get the Royal Shave at one of this upscale barber’s 30 locations around the country. To be more precise, a Royal Shave is “a hot face towel, pre-shave oil, a straight razor shave, a Desert Rose face mask, a face massage and a splash of aftershave.”

The Barbershop Lounge

Modern Barber Shops

The Barbershop Lounge in Boston features a $250 Premium Package – “A haircut, scalp massage, hot towel shave, hand and foot treatment, 60-minute massage and a shoeshine.”

The Shave of Beverly Hills

Modern Barber Shops

This Hollywood barbershop has plenty of fluid it IS alright to drink – like scotch, whiskey, or beer. In addition to the alcohol, there’s also a luxurious signature shave (with all the ridiculous fixings) for $75.

The New York Shaving Company

Modern Barber Shops

The New York Shaving Company specializes in the pre-World-War-II-era barber shop experience, complete with antique barber’s chairs and a “Shaving Laboratory” consultation with a master barber on the perfect shave for you.

The Grooming Lounge

Modern Barber Shops

Taking the exact opposite approach to the barber shop is The Grooming Lounge, which prides itself on using cutting-edge technology in its shaves. The “Supreme Court” package will set you back around $450, for which you’ll get “a shave, massage, face cleansing and mani-pedi.”

El Rey Executive Club, Barber & Spa

Modern Barber Shops

The El Rey Executive Club in Austin, TX seeks to provide the ultimate in luxury, including masseuses that are suspended from the ceiling for optimal distribution of force! The $450 El Ray Grooming Package is the signature item, and gives you the best of what El Rey has to offer – including “a choice of haircut or scalp massage, a facial or straight razor shave and a 60-minute deep-tissue massage, valet parking, a shoeshine, lunch or a car wash, and use of the locker room and lounge with music, drink and plasma screen TV.”

Truefitt & Hill

Modern Barber Shops

Touted as the world’s oldest barber shop by no less an authoritative source than the Guinness Book of World Records, Truefitt & Hill has locations in London, Toronto, Las Vegas and Chicago – each with their own shave and a haircut packages. But the average price is around $55 – not bad for a piece of history.

Floyd's 99 Barbershop

Best Barbershops

No, that picture is not a mistake – Floyd’s 99 Barbershop in Denver, Colorado features pool tables among other guy-approved amenities. This is basically the barbershop-meets-rock-and-roll – the haircuts might not be the upscale luxury-treatments of some other places, but take a look at this soundtrack: “John Lennon and Ozzy to Zeppelin, Sex Pistols and Lynyrd Skynyrd.”