Corsair Triple Smoke Single Barrel American Malt Whiskey

by: Joseph On  Thursday, August 30, 2012



Smoked whiskey has never been particularly popular in the United States of America, but every once in a while an adventurous distiller will try their hand at one. With that in mind comes the Corsair Triple Smoke Single Barrel American Malt Whiskey, from Corsair American Distillery.

The three smokes of the title come from cherry wood, peat and beechwood, and each bottle is poured from the same barrel in an effort to ensure a unique blend of flavors. A 750 ml bottle of the stuff will cost you about $56, so if this sounds like your sort of thing you can get a bottle here.

Reviews say it tastes great, AND it was made right here in the US, making it a great way to get drunk with your boys while honouring America.