Turn Your iPhone Into A Burner Phone With The Burner App

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, August 22, 2012

iPhone Burner

One of the perils associated with modern-day life is having to give lots of different people your phone number in order to conduct day-to-day business. While this usually doesn’t create any problems, it can sometimes lead to people you don’t want to talk to or deal with having your phone number. Now, at long last (and if you have an iPhone), there’s an app for that.

It’s called the Burner App, and it works by allowing you to purchase a disposable, temporary phone number that will connect to your iPhone until you turn it off. For $2, you can get 20 minutes of talk, 60 texts, or 7 days of use for whatever sly activities you have going on in your life. Then, when you’re finished, the number gets “burned” and whoever you gave it to won’t be able to reach you. Voila! Instant elimination of accountability!

So where will you find this app?  At the App Store, of course, where it is available for only $1.99.