Old Familiar Comb Bottle Opener

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Comb Bottle Opener

One of the easiest roads toward innovation is to take two existing objects and cram them together into one multi-purpose gadget. But to do this with true inspiration is almost as difficult as inventing something completely new – for every camera phone there are hundreds of devices that never took off.

Next in line we have the Old Familiar Comb Bottle Opener, which as its name suggests is a comb that you can also use to open bottles. It comes in two sizes: The small Mini Mustache/ Beard Comb for $10, and the large Full Size Comb for $23. Pretty small prices to pay for the luxury of never being thirsty and poorly groomed at the same time again!

To grab one, head on over to KickStarter.