9 Best Dressed Countries at the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremonies

by: Joseph On  Monday, July 30, 2012


The Olympic Games are mostly thought of as a series of contests in various athletic arenas. But there are other ways for countries to show dominance, too. For example, take the opening ceremonies. This was a chance for the competing countries to show their chops in the sartorial department. That’s what we’re here to discuss today – so check out this slideshow of the 9 best-dressed countries during the opening ceremonies according to our panel of sharply-dressed judges.


Surprising no one, Italy was one of the best-dressed nations at the ceremonies with suits designed by Giorgio Armani.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands made a big impact with their bold color choices. Maybe someone over there is a big University of Florida fan?


As you can see from the photo, Belgium turned heads with its bright colors and formal tailoring.


The athletes from the United States of America had a slightly preppy look at the Olympic opening ceremonies.


The brightest colors of the night probably belonged to Brazil

Cape Verde

If you like blue, you probably loved the simple but effective uniforms worn by Cape Verde’s athletes.


Some might say the uniforms worn by the Colombian Olympic athletes were a bit on the tourist-y side, but it’s hard to argue with clean and simple designs like this.


Going for a more formal look, the French athletes were some of the best-dressed at the entire ceremony.


Hungary brought a unique flair to their uniforms for the opening ceremonies, as you can see in the above photograph.