World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog Sold At 230 Fifth Avenue In NYC

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bacon Spiral Hot Dogs

A ritzy restaurant in New York City called “230 Fifth Avenue” now holds the world record for most expensive hot dog ever sold.

How expensive?  The dog (NOT pictured above, that would be this) has a price tag of $2,300! Why so expensive? We’ll let the restaurant explain itself:

“A foot-long blend of richly marbled wagyu beef dry aged for 60 days DeBragga, coated with black truffles served on a brioche bun toasted with white truffles and coated with organic ketchup and mustard imported from France.”

While hot dog purists may scoff at the use of ketchup, even if it is from France, no one can argue that the hot dog isn’t going for a good cause.  All proceeds from sales of the hot dog will benefit the NYC food pantry City Harvest.