Crown Royal XR Extra Rare 2012 LaSalle Distillery Release

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crown Royal XR

Crown Royal is one of the most famous brands of whiskey there is, and their “XR” line lives up to its “extra rare” billing, thanks to a distillery fire in 1993. That fire had the unexpected side effect of creating the XR line, as Crown Royal released the limited amount of whiskey they could save from their Waterloo distillery.

And now they have released a 2012 XR, but this one doesn’t have a fire to thank for its existence.

The LaSalle Distillery closed back in 2003, so there’s still a bit of history to go with the 2012 XR LaSalle Distillery Release.  And there is also an assurance that there won’t be any more bottles of this stuff coming out in the future, giving it the exclusivity that makes it a must-have item for your alcohol collection.