101 Awesome Guys With Awesome Mustaches

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, July 17, 2012

101 awesome mustaches

Since the dawn of time—I like writing lists that begin with “Since the dawn of time”—man has worked hard to craft the perfect mustache. Has he succeeded? Of course not. The perfect mustache, like perfection in general, is illusory. What’s important is that we keep trying, always pushing forward and improving mustaches with each new generation.

The awesome dudes and awesome mustaches we have for you here are hardly perfect, but they are still amazing. If I wasn’t follicle challenged, I would grow one of them myself.

Check them out, and enjoy.

101. The Line


The cop probably arrested this guy just because he knew his mustache would make for an awesome mugshot.

100. Raging Bull

bull horn mustache

This guy is ready for the running of the bulls.

99. The Bavarian


I bet this guy looks great in lederhosen.

98. Mugshot Mustache

crazy mugshot mustache

Do drugs much?

97. Vintage Ron Jeremy

young-ron-jeremy mustache

Behold, the original porno mustache, in all its skeezy glory.

96. Indi-stache

weird indian mustache

What is that? Fruit? Is this guy carrying fruit in his mustache?

95. Yanni


Yanni shaved off his famous mustache, then the Greek economy went to shit. Coincidence?

94. WTF?

surprised indian_mustaches_01

I think this gentleman is being attacked by his mustache.

93. The Buscemi

steve buscemi mustache

With this skinny little stache, Steve Buscemi looks like a freakin pedophile in the Coen brothers Fargo.

92. Wilhem Otto von Mustache

19th c mustache

I think this is the mustache that started the Great War.

91. Trebekstache

alex trebek mustache

It’s the Trebekstache! Wait, I’m sorry. What is the Trebekstache?

90. Sexy

bbbw with mustache in lingerie

She’s looking pretty smug for a half naked chick with a mustache.

89. The Stache Abides

big lebowski mustache

Sam Elliot: great voice, even greater mustache.

88. The Captain

Captain-Kangaroo mustache

Can you believe Captain Kangaroo was a children’s character? This guy is downright terrifying. I don’t know what kind of vessel he commands, but I don’t want any part of it.

87. The Charlie Chaplin Mustache

chaplin (hitler) mustache

Poor Charlie Chaplin. If stupid Hitler hadn’t come along, we’d call it the Chaplin Mustache instead of the Hitler Mustache.

86. Mug Shot Mustache

drunk mugshot mustache

I’m no expert, but if I had to guess I’d say this guy was under the influence of some kind of illegal substance.

85. Goose

goose gossage mustache

When people talk about baseball staches, they always seem to bring up old Rollie Ringers. But me? I’m a fan of Goose Gossage here.

84. Hall or Oats?

hall and oates mustache

The guy with the sweet stache is Oates of Hall and Oats. Hate their music, love their sweet 80s style.

83. The face shield

indian mustache guy

This sure is a distinctive look. Would probably make for a pretty weird suntan, though.

82. Salvador Dali

salvador-dali mustache

This artist’s mustache was almost as weird as his paintings.

81. Indian Dali

indian salvador dali (mustache)

I guess this guy is a fan of surrealist painters.

80. Mustache with Kate Upton

mustache guy with kate upton

It’s not often that you see a photo of Kate Upton and notice anything other than…well, her. But this mustache cannot be ignored.

79. Old School


In general, if it takes you longer to style your mustache than it takes your wife to style her hair…well, let’s just say it’s not desirable.

78. Senior Stoner

old stoner mustache

Looks like this guy took one too many puffs of the medicinal ganja.

77. Richard Pryor

Pryor_Richard mustache

Even Richard Pryor’s mustache was funny.

76. Swanson

ron swanson

Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation is the flag-bearer of the modern mustache movement. (Thankfully the cause is in good hands.)

75. Cheek pads

crazy mustache

Maybe this guy has an abusive wife, so he uses his mustache for padding.

74. Diabeetustache

wilford brimley mustache

No mustache has done more to raise awareness for diabetes than that of Wilford Brimley.

73. The Walrus

walrus mustache

This is a classic rendition of the walrus mustache. You gotta wonder how he keeps it clean, don’t you?

72. Valderamma

valderrama mustache

No, this is not the guy who’s nailed like every hot chick in Hollywood. That’s Wilmer. This is Carlos, the Colombian soccer player.

71. Cat tail

snake stache

I don’t know why a guy would want a mustache that looks like a cat’s tail is curled up on his face. But why ask why.

70. Beret Guy

pointy beret mustache

Yeah, he’s French. How’d you know?

69. Inner Lip Tattoo Mustache

mustcahe tattoo

I imagine that was painful.

68. Tusks


And you thought the wooly mammoth was extinct.

67. Swine Flu Stache

medical mask mustache

Just because you’re afraid of catching the flu, that doesn’t mean you have to deprive the world of your glorious stache.

66. Combover Summer Santa

maryland basketball fan mustache

This guy looks like Santa on summer vacation–he shaves to beards so people won’t recognize him.

65. Stalin

joseph stalin mustache

Just to clarify, I don’t think Stalin was an awesome dude. But he did have an awesome mustache.

64. Jimmy McMillon

jimmy mcmillon rent is too damn high party mustache

Remember this guy? Founder of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party? Whatever happened to him?

Oh, right. He faded into obscurity.

63. James Franco

james franco mustache

James Franco isn’t just a jack of all trades. He’s a jack of all facial hairstyles. This is just one of his numerous looks.

62. The Hill Billie Handle

intolerant racist stache

In case you don’t recognize him, this is that pastor for Florida who started “international burn a Koran” day. Obviously, he’s a very tolerant fellow.

61. Classic Handlebar

hungarian mustache

Simple and elegant, you can’t go wrong with a classic handlebar mustache.

60. The Hulkstache

hulk hogan mustache

In the 80s, every man wanted a bleach-blond fu manchu mustache.

59. Hipsterstache

hipster mustache

Yeah, we get it, you’re cool. Now go make me a double espresso, buddy.

58. Herman Cain

herman cain mustache

If you like Dominoes Pizza and pinching the derrieres of your female co-workers, this stache is for you.

57. Punxsutawney Mustache

groundhog day mustache

The groundhogs really seem to respond well to mustaches.

56. Family Portrait

good-looking mustache dad with good-looking family

That’s what I call an all-American family.

55. Geraldo

geraldo rivera broken nose mustache

Geraldo Rivera’s mustache just makes the people he confronts that much angrier.

54. Red

funny ginger mustache

This guy obviously took his inspiration from that one muppet from the Electric Mayhem Band. Remember him?

53. Which way?

defying gravity stache

That’s not just a mustache. It’s a facial sculpture.

52. Exploded

crazy weird mustache

This guy’s mustache looks like Yosemite Sam’s pistol after he pulled the trigger with Bugs Bunny’s finger in the barrel.

51. Extra long

crazy three-foot long mustache

It takes a long time to grow a stache this long. I’m surprised he never learned how to groom himself a little better along the way.

50. Chuck

chuck norris punch gif

Admit it. You just flinched when this page loaded, didn’t you?

49. Guns & Parrots

weird family photo mustache

Those sunglasses and the perm really do compliment this stache well, don’t they?

48. Dad

awesome dad mustache

If this is your dad, wow, I bet you had a fun childhood.

47. Creepy threeway?

creepy threesome with mustache guy

I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but I know I don’t like it.

46. The Watersportsman

exciting intertubing mustache guy

This guy is having a lot of fun.

45. Tom

Tom-Selleck-Magnum-PI mustache

Is that a legendarily handsome stache or what?

44. Hipster Hitler

hipster hitler

Okay, this is a little much, even for a hipster. You can’t really be ironic about genocide.

43. John Waters

US cult film director John Waters poses

John Waters has the perviest mustache in the business, hands down.

42. Feel my mustache

long mustaches impress women

These ladies are impressed by length.

41. Mulletstache

mullet mustache guy

This mulletstache really knows how to strike a pose.

40. Sp'eyewear

mustache sunglasses

These are fun, but be careful, because they’ll leave a really weird sun tan.

39.Monterey Jack

nerdy mustache

Remember that cartoon Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers? There was that mouse, Monterey Jack, whose mustache would get all twitchy and then point straight out when he smelled cheese? Yeah, that’s what this mustache reminds me of.

38. Sweet couple

old bride young groom mustache portrait

Grandma likes mustache rides, I guess.

37. Photographer Stache

photographer mustache

I would have thought this thing would get in the way of taking pictures.

36. Say cheese

possum photographer stache

Wow, that’s an ugly face. And the possum isn’t pretty, either.

35. The Princess Leia

princess leia mustache

This guy is a big fan of Star Wars. (But I bet you won’t dream of him the way you did of Princess Leia.)

34. Tripplestache

triple mustache

Three mustaches? Yeah, that’s cool, but why stop there?

33. Quadstache

quad stache

Now four mustaches—that’s what I’m talking about.

32. Medieval Times Stache

renaissance fair mustache

“Mommy, is that man pregnant?”

31. Ringstache

rings mustache

I guess this guy has to get up every morning and put his mustache in rollers.

30. Two-for-one

two creepy mustaches

Who’s creepier: the guy in the foreground, or the guy in the background. (Trick question. It’s a tie.)

29. Eaglestache

boy scout stache

I think this kid needs to spend a little time working on his shaving merit badge.

28. Fatherhood

creepy dad and baby picture mustache and chest hair

That kid is not going to be having friends over to his house when he gets older.

27. Wolfstache

guy with mustache wearing wolf

Hey buddy, nice wolf hat.

26. Michael Cera

michel cera mustache

George Michael Bluth is all grown up.

25. Burt

burt reynolds nude mustache

I think it’s obvious why Burt Reynolds was one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1970s.

24. Chip 'n Dale

chip n dales glamour shot mustache

Lookin’ good, Chad. Keep up the good work buddy.

23. Disney Cowboy

cowby in pink mini mouse shirt

Who knew they made Mini Mouse t-shirts in men’s sizes.

22. Full Body Stach, Part I

best fu man chu ever

That’s some real commitment right there.

21. Full Body Stach, Part II


Taking the full body mustache up to the next level.

20. Full Body Stache, Part III

full body mustache 2

Wow. This one goes all the way down to his shins.

19. Full Body Stache, Part IV

full body stache

Just look at all that majesty. Truly breathtaking.

18. Ernie given it to Ernie

earnie hudson giving it to earnie hudson

Did you ever wonder what happened to Ernie Hudson from the Ghostbusters? Well, this is what happened.

17. Captain Ameristache

fat captain america mustache

This guy doesn’t really inspire much patriotism.

16. Forestache

forehead stache

Sweet holy awesomeness. This guy is ridiculously incredible.

15. The Scholar

genius mugshot mustache

He just looks like a bookworm, doesn’t he?

14. Prom

guy-with-two-mustaches prom photo

What. The. Hell.

13. Holly Van Voast

holly van voast topless photographer

This lady—Holly Van Voast—is apparently some nude activist photographer from New York. Her “thing” is walking around topless with a fake mustache and taking pictures. (I bet her parents are thrilled they spent all that money on art school.)

12. Karatestache

karate mustache dad in family portrait

It’s like they say: the family that Karates together stays together.

11. Eastside

gang tattoo mustache

Wow. That’s just…wow.

10. Ladies Love It

ladies love it tattoo mustache
You know, somehow I doubt the ladies actually love this look.

9. Yummy Mummy

mom with mustache

Mom was worried about the kids not having a father figure in their lives. So she grew a mustache.

8. Cat people

mustache dad with cat family

Dad looks like a really jolly fellow.

7. Chestache

mustache with matching chest hair

There’s no way the ladies are going to dig this, right?

6. Opposites Attract

opposites attrack mustache portrait

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

5. Nice Glasses

russian guy with crazy mustache

I think this guy must be legally blind, because those are some thick glasses.

4. Mustache Sniper Team

team of mustachioed snipers

Don’t mess with the mustache sniper team. They’ll f*ck you up.

3. The Haircut

terrible haircut mustache

The haircut is nothing without the mustache. The mustache is nothing with the haircut. It’s a co-dependency.

2. Scottish Terrier

unibrow walruss mustache

How does this guy even eat?

1. I Am the Walrus

waterfall mustache

Now that right there is a high-maintenance mustache.