100 Ghetto Duct Tape Repair Jobs

by: Esteban On  Monday, July 16, 2012
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ghetto duct tape repair jobs

As everyone knows, a real man doesn’t read the instructions. He just jumps right in to whatever he’s working on. And for that reason, a real man is going to have a lot of broken sh*t on his hands.

What’s the solution? No, it’s not reading the instructions. Just get over that already; it’s not going to happen. The solution, obviously, is duct tape. That magically adhesive, virtually indestructible, heroically versatile rubber tape can solve just about any problem you’ll ever have in life—and yes, for you middle-aged gentlemen, that includes erectile dysfunction.

So today we honor the most versatile product in human history with this list of 100 amazing duct tape repair jobs. Some of them are genius; others, well, not so much. But they’re all valiant (i.e., lazy) efforts. So let’s get started.


100. Tunnel repair

tunnel fixed with duct tape

Yeah, that makes you feel safe, doesn’t it?

99. Jet repair job

airplane wing with duct tape 2

Just what you want to see when you look out the window.

98. Another jet repair job

airplane wing with duct tape

Yet another reassuring view.

97. ATM repair

atm fixed with duct tape

Yep, that oughtta do it.

96. Overhead bin repair


This must be one of the discount airlines.

95. Baby carrying solution


I’m going to go out on a limb and say this was probably dad’s idea.

94. Diaper repair

duct tape baby diaper repair

Well that’s one way to keep the diaper shut.

93. Beer can solution

duct tape beer can handle

Seems like a lot of work went into this fix for such a crappy beer—especially when they could have just poured it in a mug.

92. Bike helmet wind-proofing

duct tape bicycle helmet repair

Yeah, but you’re going to be a lot less aerodynamic.

91. Bike repair

duct tape bike repair

It might be time to buy a new bike.

90. Boat repair

duct tape boat repair

If you go on this boat, you better know how to swim.

89. Book repair

duct tape book repair three

If you want to fix a book with duct tape, don’t tape the thing shut, genius.

88. Brake light repair

duct tape brake light repair

So you would have to flip the switch every time you applied the breaks? Thats clever.

87. Bus repair

duct tape bus repair

Your tax dollars at work.

86. Butt crack repair

duct tape butt crack fix

I appreciate a guy wanting to cover up his crack, but this is just drawing more attention to himself.

85. Camera repair

duct tape camera repair

Is this a camera case, or an example of camera repair? I can’t even tell.

84. Basic camper maintenance

duct tape camper repair

Time to get a new camper? Hell no. There’s still so much of this camper that is not covered in duct tape.

83. Canoe repair

duct tape canoe repair

I think I’d ask the camp counsellor for a different one.

82. Canoe building

duct tape canoe

Duct tape and cardboard are not suitable canoe materials. FYI.

81. Cupholder

duct tape car cup holder

It’s not surprising that this person get’s their morning coffee from 7-11, is it. They probably eat a log of breakfast taquitos, too.

80. Car door

duct tape car door

Such nice craftsmanship, you almost don’t notice that the passenger door is made entirely of duct tape. (The matching stripe is a nice touch.)

79. Automotive repair

duct tape car engine repair

Pringles cans, clamps, duct tape. This here is a master mechanic.

78. Colorful body work

duct tape car repair 2

If you’re going to hold your car together with duct tape, you might as well get creative with it.

77. Car repair

duct tape car repair

Sure, your bumper isn’t falling off, but now you can’t use your trunk.

76. New car upholstry

duct tape car upholstry repair

You don’t want to sit on this thing in the summer—you’ll get sticky goop all over your butt for sure.

75. Who needs windows?

duct tape car window repair

Windows are overrated.

74. Eternal rest repair

duct tape cemetary tombstone repair

Now that is classy.

73. Electrical repair

duct tape circuit breaker

Good luck with the home inspection, folks.

72. Cleavage repair

duct tape cleavage

So that’s why her breasts looked so amazing that night.

71. Duct seemstress

duct tape clothign repair

Throw the jacket away? No, it’s still good.

70. Upholstery repair

duct tape couch repair

The dog is like, “dude, you’re taking a picture of this? I’m a dog, and even I don’t want to lay on this piece of crap.”

69. WTF?

duct tape cycling fix

I have no idea what is going on here.

68. Brand new dash

duct tape dash repair

That’s a nice dash board.

67. Duct parenting

duct tape diaper

What’s more disturbing—the duct diaper (which probably isn’t very absorbant), or the Bud Light?

66. Duct tape duct repair

duct tape duct repair

The funny thing is, this is pretty close to being an appropriate use for duct tape. You are supposed to use it on ducts—you’re just not supposed to use it to hang ducts.

65. Escalator repair

duct tape escalator repair

This looks like too nice of a mall to have this much duct tape.

64. Fence repair

duct tape fence repair

Not exactly a security fence, is it?

63. Beer fridge repair

duct tape fridge repair

This is either a frat house, or the home of an alcoholic hoarder.

62. GPS installation

duct tape gps installation

This is actually pretty clever.

61. Tile repair

duct tape grout calking tub tile repair

Nah, don’t fix it. A little mold never hurt anyone, right? Wait, mold is deadly? Oh.

60. Pistol bayonet

duct tape hand gun bayonet

This guy is ready to rumble.

59. Headlight repair

duct tape headlight repair flashlight taped to hood

Yep, that ought to do the trick. Nice thinking.

58. Headphone repair

duct tape headphones repair

This is what gamers looked like ten years ago. The only thing that has changed are the computer monitors.

57. Home office solutions

duct tape home office solution

Sure, great idea. Can’t go wrong.

56. Horse repair

duct tape horse foot protectors

I don’t know anything about horses, but I really doubt this could be good.

55. Jersey repair

duct tape jersey repair

When your team is as crappy as the Rams, you don’t want to invest in a new jersey when one star retires and another comes along. So this is a great way to make do.

54. Jet ski repair

duct tape jet skii repair

I make it a personal policy not to ride in water crafts held together with duct tape, but you can do whatever you want.

53. Nice kitchen work

duct tape kitchen tile repair

Maybe the duct tape is just there for traction.

52. Luggage repair

duct tape luggage repair

At least you won’t miss your luggage when it goes by on the carousel at the airport.

51. Microwave repair

duct tape microwave repair

Not sure what function the duct tape serves here, but if it’s keeping the door shut…yeah, I don’t think that’s safe.

50. Mini golf repair

duct tape mini golf course repair

This is one depressing miniature golf course.

49. Muffler repair

duct tape muffler repair

It’s not pretty, but I bet it does the trick.

48. Chair repair

duct tape office chair wheel repair

How much would a new chair cost, $50?

47. Moving

duct tape packing and moving

Renting a truck: $95 plus gas. Roll of duct tape: $2.99.

46. Redneck sewing

duct tape pants hem

This man likes his cuffs.

45. Duct plane

duct tape plane repair

This is why people die in plane crashes.

44. Wing repair

duct tape plane wing repair


43. Duct plumbing

duct tape plumbing repair 2

Do not reinforce your main stack with duct tape. It will not end well.

42. More duct plumbing

duct tape plumping repair

This is even worse than the last one. Real smart.

41. Sign repair

duct tape post office sign fix

The USPS was hit hard by budget cuts, I guess.

40. Rafter: good as new

40. Rafter: good as new
duct tape rafter repair

Nothing like duct tape holding a roof over your head.

39. Chair reupholstery

duct tape re-upholstry

This actually looks kind of cool.

38. Side view mirror repair

duct tape rear view mirror repair

Yeah, I’d be pissed, too, if my side mirror was just hanging on with tape.

37. Refrigerator repair

duct tape refrigerator repair

In fairness, the replacement parts for the door shelves probably are ridiculously expensive.

36. Duct roofing

duct tape roofing repair

Yeah, this guy’s stuff is gonna get wet.

35. Rust solutions

duct tape rust repair

This duct tape is fighting a losing battle.

34. Sandal repair

duct tape sandal repair

This would probably keep them on your feet, but I think they might give you a few blisters.

33. Serial killer van repair

duct tape serial killer van window repair

Good for ventilation, I guess.

32. Duct cobbler

duct tape shoe repair cobbler

This is a pretty classic duct tape fix.

31. Shower curtain rod fix

duct tape shower curatain rod repair

If you can stop looking at this creepy guy for just one second, you’ll notice the creative way they’ve hung the shower curtain rod.

30. Side view mirror solution

duct tape side rear view mirror fix

Sometimes you just have to improvise.

29. Snowboard repair

duct tape snowboard repair

Great for keeping the board on; not so great for getting it off.

28. Tent repair

duct tape tent repair

In addition to keeping your tent dry, duct tape can also help you fight off bears.

27. Tile repair work

duct tape tile repair

I really have no clue what’s going on here with this patchwork of duct tape.

26. Should have got AAA

duct tape tire repair

You know, shortcuts are great sometimes, but when it comes to vehicles, it’s probably best just to get it done right.

25. Toilet seat fix

duct tape toilet seat repair

Kind of looks like a zebra toilet now.

24. Tree: fixed

duct tape tree limb repair

They’re going to a lot of work to save this ugly tree. Whatever happened to natural selection.

23. Tub tub repair job

duct tape tub repair 2

Wow, that’s pure class.

22. Another tub repair job

duct tape tub repair 3

No, I stand corrected. This is pure class.

21. One more tub repair job

duct tape tub repair

This one’s practically tasteful compared to the last two

20. Couch upholstery

duct tape upholstry

It looks good, but you’d probably slip right off of it.

19. Windshield defroster repair

duct tape windshielf defroster fixWhen you can’t afford to get your windshield defrosters fixed, but the dashboard vents still work.

18. Jet repair

duct tape wing repair

Yeah, that’s great. Just tape up the wing before we all take off. Great.

17. Nice body work

ghetto car fixed with duct tape 2

At least go with white duct tape for a job like this.

16. More nice body work

ghetto car fixed with duct tape 3

See, in this example of duct tape bodywork, the tape practically blends right into the finish.

15. Duct limo

ghetto car fixed with duct tape

If this is real, I’d like to go back in time and use it for my prom.

14. Mailbox solution

home made duct tape mailbox

This has got to be a trailer park or something.

13. Bunk ladder repair

ladder dixed with ducts tape

Whoever’s got the top bunk must not be that heavy.

12. The Super Ladder

ladder fixed with duct tape 2

Definitely not OSHA-approved.

11. Ladder repair

ladder fixed with duct tape 3

You don’t repair ladders. You just replace them.

10. Mailbox repair

mailbox fixed with duct tape

If these people had a white picket fence, that would probably be duck taped, too.

9. Sign alteration

name on sign crossed out with duct tape

The divorce itself was probably bad enough for business, but not getting a new sign makes it all that much more pathetic.

8. Brand new refrigerator door

refrigerator fixed with duct tape

Probably not going to help them keep energy costs down, that’s for sure.

7. Street crack repair

street cracks fixed with duct tap

I actually think this is how they go about fixing the streets in my neighborhood.

6. Flat tire repair

tire fixed with duct tape

Well, the tire certainly doesn’t seem to be low on air.

5. Toilet repair job

toilet fixed with duct tape 2

Sophisticated solutions for sophisticated people.

4. Another toilet repair job

toilet fixed with duct tape

You know, you can just go to the hardware store and buy a new toilet seat for about $20. Then you won’t have to sit on duct tape.

3. Traffic light repair job

traffic light fixed with duct tape

And the guy who “fixed” the light probably got paid for 4 hours of work.

2. Another traffic light repair job

traffic lights fixed with duct tape

More of your tax dollars at work.

1. Tree repair

tree fixed with duct tape

Why waste so much perfectly good duct tape? Chop it up and use it for fire wood.