50 Incredible Examples of Bottle Cap Art

by: Esteban On  Friday, July 13, 2012
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bottle cap art

We all know what happens to beer bottles when we’re done with them: they get recycled, or, if you live in one of those cool states, returned for a ยข10 refund. But have you ever wondered what happens to the caps?

Actually, they’re recycled, too. Or they can be recycled. However, most of you probably just throw them in the trash because you hate earth and the environment.

Well, if you’re looking to change your ways and dispose of your beer caps responsibly, there are two options. One would be to put them in an empty soup can and then, when it’s full, pinch the top together and throw the whole thing in recycling. The other? Bottle cap art.

Really, that’s a thing people do, and it’s awesome.

Want to see for yourself? Great, then here are 50 awesome examples. So happy clicking.

50. Beer Cap Cubism

#50 beer bottle cap mosaic portrait

Kind of looks like snowboarder Shawn White, doesn’t it?

49. President Obama I

#49 beer bottle cap mosaic of president obama

This portrait cheats a bit by painting some bottle caps, but it’s still impressive.

48. President Obama II

#48 bottle cap obama hope image

This version of PBO isn’t as sharp as the last one, but at least it uses only bottle caps, staying true to the art form.


#47 bottle cap michelle obama

Of course if you’re making bottle cap portraits of the President, you have to do one of the first lady, too.

46. George Washington

#46 bottle cap portrait of george washington

Who knew beer caps could look so regal?

45. Abraham Lincoln

#45 bottle cap potrait of abraham lincoln

I like how they did this one in sepia tones so it looks like the penny.

44. Statue of Liberty

#44 bottle cap statue of liberty

And this concludes the patriotic portion of tonights program.

43. One Medusa

#43 bottle cap medusa

For some reason, Medusa is a very popular subject for bottle cap artists.

42. Two Medusas

#42 bottle cap medusa 2

See what I mean about the Medusa thing?

41. Three Medusas

#41 bottle cap portrait of medusa

At least this Medusa is kind of hot (except for the snake hair, obviously).

40. Captain America

#40 bottle cap mosaic

Whoever made this end table design must like Captain America.

39. Lassie

#39 bottle cap lassie

If any dog(s) ever deserved to be immortalized in beer caps, it’s Lassie.

38. Bike Mosaic

#38 beer cap bicycle mosaic

This person is probably a beginner, but it’s not a bad beginning.

37. Aung San Suu Kyi

#37 bottle cap portrait of aung san suu kyi

Sure, she led a democratic movement and resisted a despotic military junta in her native Burma, earned herself a Nobel Peace Prize while under house arrest for 15 years, and was the subject of a U2 song, but I’m sure this bottle cap portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi is probably the highlight of her life.

36. Ginger

#36 bottle cap portrait woman

I think this is just some random woman, but it could probably pass for Julia Roberts.

35. Super Mario the First

#35 bottle cap super mario

This guy cheats a bit by painting the spots behind the beer caps. I thought about disqualifying it from the list, but luckily (for whoever made it) I’m a member of the Nintendo generation and I love the Super Mario Brothers.

34. Super Mario the Second

#34 bottle cap super mario 3

Now this is a full-on bottle cap likeness of Mario.

33. Princess Peach

#33 princess peach bottle cap art

Poor Luigi. Nobody wants to make bottle cap mosaic portraits of him.

32. Portrait of a Lady

#32 bottle cap portrait woman 2

I’m sure this is a recreation of a segment of a famous painting, but I can’t recall what it is. (Fun fact: I usually write while drunk, which hampers my memory and fune mptpr slills.)

31. Portrait of Some Dude

#31 bottle cap portrait some guy

I’ll give you $50* if you can name this person. I totally know who it is. I just wonder if you do.

*I will not give you $50. That was a lie.

30. Custom beer pong table

#30 beer cap beer pong table 2

Every man (under the age of 25) needs a custom beer-cap encrusted beer pong table.

29. Another custom beer pong table

#29 beer cap beer pong table

This beer pong table gets the coveted #29 spot because, unlike the last one, it exhibits creativity rather than merely reproducing some corporate logo.

28. Howlin' Wolf

#28 bottle cap portrait of howlin worlf

If you don’t know who Howlin’ Wolf was, then you don’t know the blues.

27. Wonder Woman mosaic

#27 wonder woman bottle cap collage

This likeness of Wonder Woman has a pretty amazing set of beer cap tatas.

26. Venus

#26 bottle cap venus

This is nice, but I’d be more impressed if this person recreated the entirety of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. That would be epic.

25. Wonder Woman

#25 bottle cap portrait of wonder woman

How is it that comic book-obsessed Hollywood hasn’t made a Wonder Woman picture yet?

24. Vermeer knockoff

#24 bottle cap portrait woman girl with pearl earing vermeer

Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring is one of the most famous portraits of all time. It also makes great bottle cap art.

23. Some bald guy

#23 bottle cap portrait man

I have no idea who this guy is, but it’s a very nice portrait.

22. Fish

#22 bottle cap fish

It’s always good for fish populations to practice catch-and-release. So instead of keeping and mounting the big one, take a picture, then hire someone to recreate the whopper’s likeness in bottle caps.

21. Icarus

#21 bottle cap recreation of matisse icarus

Matisse has got to be one of the easiest of the great masters to replicate in bottle caps. Half the time the guy only uses two colors.

20. More Matisse

#20 bottle cap matisse

Matisse’s Blue Women are strange-looking, and beer caps don’t make them look any more normal.

19. Cher

#19 bottle cap portrait of cher

They should make this the first in a series: beer cap divas. They could do Celine Dion next, and then maybe Diana Ross.

18. Portrait of an artist

#18 bottle cap portrait of a young man

I don’t now who this is, so I can’t assess whether it’s a good likeness. It is cool-looking, though.

17. Samuel Clemens

#17 bottle cap portrait of mark twain

You did know that Mark Twain was just a nom de plume, didn’t you? (Do you know what a nom de plume is? Mine is Esteban.)

16. Marilyn

#16 marilyn monroe bottle cap art

You know you are an icon when even a blurry, pixely likeness is unmistakable.

15. Madonna

#15 bottle cap virgin mary

Do I get bonus points with the Big Guy upstairs for putting this image of his mom high up on the list?

14. Portrait of another artist

#14 bottle-cap-portrait artist mary ellen croteau

That is one crazy self-portrait. Interesting that she looks younger, though. I guess bottle caps take off 10 years.

13. Rainbow portrait

#13 bottle cap woman

Kind of looks like Winona Ryder, doesn’t it?

12. Audrey

#12 bottle cap audrey hepburn

This one isn’t as good as the Marilyn Monroe portrait, but it’s more ambitious, so I had to cut it a little slack.

11. Desmond

#11 bottle cap portrait of desmond tutu

I don’t think this actually is South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, because I’ve never seen him where glasses like that. But it really looks like him.

10. Awesome car

#10 car decorated with bottle caps

Cheaper than a new paint job…if you’re an alcoholic.

9. Awesomer car

#9 dodge neon decorated with bottle caps

This is probably the only way to make a Dodge Neon cool.

8. Vincent

#8 bottle cap portrait of van gogh

Hey, look, it’s Vincent Van Gogh. I wonder if anyone has ever recreated any of his paintings with bottle caps. Hmm…

7. Starry Night 1.0

#7 bottle cap starry night 3

Here’s the first of four versions of one of Van Gogh’s Starry Nights. (Yes, there are two separate Van Gogh paintings named Starry Night. This is just the more famous one.)

6. Starry Night 2.0

#6 bottle cap starry night 2

Here’s another Starry Night, this time in three pieces.

5. Starry Night 3.0

#5 bottle cap starry night 1

Hey are you tired of this painting yet? Sorry. There’s one more.

4. Starry Night 4.0

#4 bottle cap starry night 4 uva students ross thomas and elizabeth farrel

At least I saved the best beer cap Starry Night for last, right?

3. Holiday

#3 bottle cap portrait of billie holiday

There’s no one better than Billie Holiday. She’s the best jazz singer ever.

2. Mona

#2 beer cap mona lisa

Mona overlooks the beer isle, and she likes what she sees.

1. Warhol

#1 bottle cap recreation of Warhol's marilyn monroe

Warhol is even more recognizable than Marilyn. So if you put the two into one piece of bottle cap art, that’s a winning combo.