30 Amazing Condom Commercials

by: Esteban On  Thursday, July 12, 2012
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condom commercials

The condom business is pretty unusual when you think about. A vast portion of the general public already knows they need what the they’re selling, so unlike the market for, say, cigarettes, you don’t have to make up reasons for using the product. But there are still a number of competitors in the prophylactic marketplace, so companies have to make commercials to convince people to buy their condoms.

The problem? You can’t really be specific on television, the medium that reaches the most consumers.

The solution? Creativity.

Yes, condom commercials are always among the most creative, hilarious, and quite often bizarre commercials you’ll ever see on television. Sometimes they’re filled with clever innuendo; sometimes they surprise you with their bluntness. Either way, they’re almost always awesome—or at least, the 30 you’re about to see certainly are.


30. Mime commercial

How’d you like to be the mime whose job is to put imaginary condoms on imaginary penises all day? Do you think he’s unionized?

29. Unhappy Ending

Yeah, that’s not where I thought this commercial was going. (Right?)

28. Durex: the Fish-saver

A slippery, slimy fish is not what you want consumers to associate with your product if your product is a condom…for a variety of reasons.

27. Her pleasure

This one could not be less specific. I mean what is it, exactly, that will contribute so greatly to her pleasure?

26. Love Glow

There are probably a lot of disappointed guys out there who bought these condoms thinking they were about to have a crazy sex rave, only to find that these things don’t quite glow like they do in the commercial.

25. Flavored condom ad

Get it? She just performed oral sex on somebody and the fruity condom flavor is still on her lips. (And it’s delicious.)

24. The Test

What’s more messed up? That the guy would even consider sleeping with this future sister-in-law, or the way this whole family is in on this sick prank? (Correct answer: the family. Thanks for playing.)

23. Thin walls

I say if you’re regularly having sex that good, who gives a crap if the neighbors can hear you.

22. Car door test

It’s just a parody of a commercial (right?), but it could be a real one. So it still qualified for the list.

21. Blowin in the wind

Obviously, the best part of this commercial is when the magical flying condom inspires a threesome. The worst part? The gay cops are the only ones who actually have a Durex to use.

20. Making men out of pigs

It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.

19. Balloon Discovery Channel

So apparently you can show really graphic hardcore sex on television, so long as it’s with condom balloon animals.

18. Chicks love chocolate

I guess the idea here is that these condoms are so chocolatey that they rot your teeth. Which is kinda gross.

17. Who needs flashlights?

I know it’s every dude’s fantasy to enjoy the company of two girls at the same time. But if you meet two girls in the woods and they immediately request your services, I would think twice before obliging them. (They’ve probably been around the track a few times.)

16. You do like sex, don’t you?

No, I don’t like sex, you condescending idiot.

15. Extra-sensory protection

I’ve heard that twins can read each others’ minds and communicate in an almost extra-sensory fashion, but this is probably a bit of a stretch.

14. Totally NOT creepy

I lied. This commercial is absolutely, 100% creepy. Sorry to do that to you.

13. Messed. Up.

Does anyone else find it strange that they consider a simple bank robbery the culmination of this guys psychopathic life? I mean, he cooked a cat alive when he was four. You would expect him to be doing a lot worse stuff by the time he’s 73. Like, you know…Law & Order: SVU type stuff.

12. Choices galore

So, it the guy gay, or not? I thought I had this commercial figured out, but the ending just leaves me confused.

11. Manix Condoms

Official condoms of dirty cheaters everywhere? Kind of a strange selling point, I think.

10. Delayed response

I’m pretty sure that woman could legally sue this guy for sexual harassment. Nice going, Durex.

9. Manforce!

What, was the name “Dickpower” already taken or something? And black grape? Really? I seriously doubt that’s going to mask the taste of latex, guys.

8. Sperm on parade

Wow that’s a lotta sperm. This guy might want to see a doctor.

7. Mom said I could

This one really takes you for a ride. Up until the very end, as the kid approaches the door, I didn’t see where it was going. Then, when I realized, I felt sorry for that poor kid. He’s going to need some therapy.

6. SKYN Revolution

Sometimes a condom commercial is effective because it’s just plain hot as hell. And this is one of those.

5. Why? Oh. Right.

As one of my friends (who has kids) always says when we’re making plans, if you guys want some free birth control, I’ll bring the kids.

4. Like rabbits

Interesting that a commercial for extra large condoms would choose rabbits as their mascot. You would have thought they’d go with a horse, or one of nature’s other well-endowed creatures.

3. Like Bubblegum

For a second (right around the :25 mark) I thought this was going to be a commercial warning girls about date rape.

2. The Golden Ticket

Where I come from, the golden ticket is something way different. But nevermind about that.

1. Jamaica’s Finest

I didn’t even realize this commercial was in English until they flashed the colors up on the screen, but that gmail address sure makes these condoms seem totally legit. Now, if it were a hotmail address, that would be a different story.

By the way, if you don’t know what daggering is, google it.