DMC Fakhuna Aston Martin DB-S Concept

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 11, 2012
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DMC Fakhuna

The luxury tuner DMC has unveiled a new concept for the Aston Martin DB-S. It’s called the Fakhuna, and it basically makes the DB-S look like something out of Blade Runner. The additions aren’t just cosmetic, though. The Fakhuna also boasts some performance upgrades, like “sport catalysers and sport end mufflers” that allow you to increase speed considerably.

If the Fakhuna looks like something up your alley (you lucky wealthy person you), it’s not being produced in mass quantities at the moment. However, you can order the customization direct from DMC. So, go ahead and do that, if you’re sick and tired of your plain ordinary Aston Martin DB-S.

DMC Fakhuna Aston Martin DB-S Concept 1