Deron Williams Signs $100 Million Contract With The Nets On iPad

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Tags:  Apple   Deron Williams   Ipad   Nba  

Here’s a pretty cool sign that we’re officially living in the future – NBA point guard Deron Williams recently signed his five year, $98 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets not on a stack of papers, but on an iPad! The news came from Williams himself, via his Twitter account:

“Officially a Brooklyn Net! Signed my contract on an iPad Just thank God for this wonderful Opportunity

And in case you’re curious, yes, he used his finger. Signing an almost $100 million contract with your finger must feel weird. Not bad, but … weird. He reportedly used a free iPad app called Sign Now to do the deed.

Before we know it, I’m sure all contracts will be handled via iPad?