50 Totally Pimped Out Golf Carts

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, July 10, 2012
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Golf is a great game. If you do it right, it’s one of the few sports that can calm the nerves and leave you feeling energized after a long week at work. And the key, of course, is not to take it too seriously. When you step out on the course, your only goal should be to enjoy some good cigars and unwind with your buddies. If you pay too much attention to your score then you’ll start having aneurisms every time you shoot a triple bogey, at which point you might as well be at the office.

Need an example of the attitude you should take toward golf? Then check out this list of 50 Totally Pimped Out Golf Carts. The dudes who own these things don’t care about the score. They care about being awesome and having a good time. Otherwise they wouldn’t have golf carts that look like sports cars or Hummers.

So have a look at these badass golf carts and remember: golf should be fun, or it’s not worth doing.

50. The Hawkeye Mobile

#50 iowa hawkeyes golf cart

Them Iowans love their Hawkeyes, alright. I don’t think I love any team enough to get a golf cart with their logo all over it.

49. Stilt Cart

#49 elevated golf cart

I hope this thing has seat belts, or this could get interesting.

48. Towncart

#48 pimped out golf cart at burger king

This may or may not be an actual golf cart. Either way, it looks pretty strange to see it with a giant teddy bear in the passenger seat and driving though Burger King.

47. Hotrod

#47 hot rod golf cart

This is the kind of golf cart the dudes from ZZ Top would drive if they were golfers.

46. Old Family Stationwagon

#46 vintage car golf cart with fake wood panneling

Fake wood panelling is always good, wether in a basement rec room, on car, or on a golf cart.

45. Wiley Coyote

#45 pimped out coyote wolf golf cart

I know it’s supposed to be this coyote/wolf’s snout, but that thing on the front kind of looks like a furry penis. (Probably very effective in distracting and/or intimidating opponents out on the course.)

44. Model T Cart

#44 pimped out hot rod golf cart

If you drive around the course in this, does that also mean your “woods” are a actually made of wood?

43. The Wrangler

#43 jeep wrangler golf cart

This one’s for courses with particular rocky terrain.

42. Lime Flames

#42 golf cart with rims and flame decals

The custom rims and kickplate ad such a nice touch.

41. The Buick

#41 buick golf cart

This one is so lame it’s awesome. It’s like your grandpa’s idea of badass.

40. The Sportscart

#40 white sports car golf cart

My car doesn’t even have leather seats. Then again, this golf cart probably costs more than my car.

39. The PT Cruiser

#39 pt cruiser golf cart

Like #41, this one is so lame it’s cool. It’s like your grandma’s idea of badass.

38. Deluxe Banana Cart

#38 yellow delux golf cart

This one sure is yellow, which I guess would help you avoid friendly fire out on the links.

37. The Logano

#37 home depot race car golf cart

A replica of Joey Logano’s #20 Home Depot NASCAR ride? Sure, why not.

36. Fire Truck

#36 Fire Truck Cart Cart

That ladder’s pretty short. I think it’s just for decoration.

35. The Studabaker

#35 studabaker golf cart

I think Studabaker was going for a “car of the future!” look when they came out with the Starlight Coupe. Really, it was just a goofy looking car.

Makes a great golf cart, though.

34. Porsche SUV

#34 porsche suv golf cart

Strange choice with this one. I think if I could get a golf cart that looks like a Porsche, I’d go with the 911 over the Cayenne. But hey, to each his own.

33. Muscle Cart

#33 camaro_golf_cart

The Camaro is one of the all-time great muscle cars, so it’s a natural choice when pimping your golf cart.

32. Monster Truck Cart

#32 monster truck golf cart

At the end of the day, you can go back to the club house and crush all the other golf carts.

31. General Lee

#31 dukes of hazzard general lee golf cart

This is the kind of golf carts they have at Augusta National.

30. The Old Man Caddy

#30 pimped out cadillac golf cart

At first I thought this was supposed to be the Presidential limo. Then I realized, no, it’s just a regular old man Caddy.

29. Orangemobile

#29 pimped out orange golf cart

Wow, that sure is orange. I don’t think I’d choose that color myself, but I’m sure the owner loves it, and that’s all that matters.

28. The Escalade

#28 cadillac escalade golf cart

Are there any rap songs about Escalade golf carts? Cause that would be awesome.

27. Smokin' Hot Rod

#27 old fashioned hot rod golf cart

I don’t think this is even really a golf cart. But then again, it’s not a regular car, either. So I guess it’s somewhere in between. (Regardless, that’s a fantastic paint job.)

26. Nice Rims

#26 pimped golf cart with hug rims

I bet this thing has hydraulics, too.

25. Pure Hot Rod

#25 black hot rod golf cart with red flames

So simple, relative to some of the other ones on the list, but so totally badass. This might be the one I would choose for myself.

24. Luxury Cart

#24 luxury golf cart

Is trunk space really something people look for in a golf cart?

23. Hummer Cart

#23 hummer golf cart

I’m not a fan of Hummers as regular vehicles for everyday transportation. They take up too much space and are almost always driven by assholes. However, I would consider a Hummer for the golf course, if nothing else than just to piss people off.

22. Hummer Limo

#22 hummer limo golf cart

What’s better than a Hummer golf cart? A Hummer golf cart that seats for and has a sexy lady leaning on the hood.

21. Red Hot

#21 red hot rod golf cart with yellow flames

Not only is this one awesome looking, but it seats four people, so it’s practical.

20. Rim-sanity

#20 crazy golf cart with huge rims

If those aren’t the craziest rims you’ve ever seen on a golf cart, I’d love to see where you play golf.

19. The Viper


The Dodge Viper is another classic American sports car, so it also makes for one badass golf cart. (I don’t the golf cart version is a V-10, though.)

18. BelAir I

#18 red chevy belair golf cart

Cars don’t get more classic that the Chevy BelAir, do they?

17. BelAir II

#17 hot rod chevy belair golf cart with flames

The only thing better than a BelAir golf cart is a BelAir golf cart with flame decals…well, and the 16 golf carts still to come, of course.

16. Escalade Limo

#16 red escalade limo golf cart

We’ve already seen a regular Escalade golf cart. Now we have an Escalade limo cart—you know, in case your prom is at a country club.

15. Mustang I

#15 blue mustang golf cart

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of Mustang golf carts out there. Here’s one of them.

14. Bentley

#14 bently golf cart

I wonder if this comes stocked with Cristal?

13. The Hot Rod

#13 red hot rod golf cart

This isn’t a hot rod golf cart. It’s the hot rod golf cart against which all others are measured.

12. Flintstones

#12 flinstones golf cart

I’m down with this Flintstones golf cart so long as you don’t have to propel it with your feet.

11. '48 Ford Coupe

#11 48 ford coupe hot rod golf cart

You’d be one cool mother riding around on the links in this golf cart.

10. UPS Cart

#10 ups truck golf cart

This would be an impractical choice (unless you’re unusually short), but it would definitely keep things fun.

9. Batmobile I

#9 batmobile golf cart 1

This must belong to Adam West.

8. Mustang II

#8 red mustang golf cart

The is the best Mustang golf cart I came across. It scored bonus points for the way the roof matches the hood and trunk. (That other one at #15 just had a regular golf cart roof, which sucks.)

7. Lowrider

#7 purple chevy pimped out golf cart

It’s a pimped out metallic purple lowrider truck golf cart. There is absolutely nothing not to love here.

6. The Rolls

#6 white pimped rolls royce golf cart

Nothing says “I’m a classy ass golfer” like a Rolls-Royce golf cart.

5. The Hybrid

#5 pimped out black vintage truck golf cart with rims

This one’s part truck, part golf cart, and part sports car. I don’t know for sure, but it looks faster than my actual car.

4. The Armored Golf Cart

#4 armored car golf cart

The Armored golf cart: because even the world’s dictators like to squeeze a round of golf in here and there.

3. Nice Sound System

#3 pimped golf cart with huge amps and woofers sound system

Something tells me this guy is going to be losing his membership to the country club.

2. Amphibious Golf Cart

#2 amphibious pontoon golf cart

It’s a golf cart. It’s a boat. It’s a golf cart boat. And that’s awesome.

1. Batmobile II

#1 batmobile golf cart 2

I guess this guy was concerned about being hit by stray tee shots. This may be overkill, though.