Aston Martin Limited Edition ONE-77 Factor Cycle

by: Joseph On  Monday, July 9, 2012

Aston Martin Limited Edition ONE-77 Factor Cycle

Aston Martin is mostly known nowadays for their upscale luxury cars, but did you know they also make road bikes as well? New from the folks at Aston Martin is the Limited Edition ONE-77 Factor Cycle, being billed as “the world’s most technologically advanced road bike.”

What does it have to earn itself such a lofty title? First of all, it’s built from parts supplied by bf1systems, which also supplies parts for F1 cars. And take a look at these features: “integrated motorsport-derived data-logging system, high-contrast touch screen, ultra-light, high strength carbon fibre frame and parts, hydraulic disc brakes and integrated LED system.”

Is this a bike or a Batmobile??