San Diego Accidentally Sets Off All Their Fireworks At Once (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 6, 2012

San Diego Fireworks Explosion

Here’s one for the time capsule!

Two nights ago, on July 4th, cities and towns all across America celebrated Independence Day by setting off fireworks. Generally, a fireworks display operates by setting off each explosive one at a time, but viewers of the San Diego Independence Day fireworks display got something quite different.

Due to a technical mishap, all the fireworks were set off at once, resulting in a huge spectacular fireball in the sky. The show’s title of “Big Bay Boom” actually ended up being more appropriate than anyone had initially expected.

It all happened due to a computer error, according to Garden State Fireworks, which is the company that produced this and hundreds of other fireworks shows on Wednesday night. Thankfully, no one was injured, and as you can see in the video below, it actually looked pretty cool. Maybe some cities should start doing stuff like this on purpose – you know, to break up the monotony of your typical fireworks display.