30 of the World’s Most Incredible Swimming Pools

by: Esteban On  Friday, July 6, 2012

world's best most amazing swimming pools 

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but in my neck of the woods it’s been sweltering for about two weeks. Thus, I’ve been doing an awful lot of daydreaming about swimming pools, which has turned out to be both good and bad.

It’s good because, with a little digging around on the internet, I’ve discovered that there are a ton of insane swimming pools out there in the world that far exceed anything I could ever have imagined. It’s bad, of course, because none of these pools is anywhere near my house, and I won’t be going to Bali any time soon.

But it’s still nice to dream. So before you head out to the nearest public swimming pool this summer, have a few daiquiris and re-read this list. Then, when you get there, shut your eyes tight and pretend you’re not in a swimming pool surrounded prepubescent kids splashing each other like there’s no tomorrow. Pretend, instead, that you’re in one of these.

30. Gellert Baths

#30 gellert baths budapest hungary swimming pool

Normally I’d prefer an outdoor swim. But sometimes the sun in just too hot, and on those days I wouldn’t mind cooling off in this Turkish pool.

29. Parisian Rooftop Pool

#29 OMA-Rooftop-Pool

This custom house features two separate apartments connected by this stunning rooftop pool with panoramic views of Paris. Not bad, right?

28. Playboy Mansion Swimming Pool

#28 playboy mansion swimming pool grotto

The pool is nice, but the grotto—that little cave in the middle—is where it’s at.

27. The Lalu Sun Moon Lake Resort

#27 the lalu swimming pool sun moon lake taiwan

If you find yourself in Taiwan and in need of accommodations, why not consider this place? It would be a memorable swim.

26. Al Qasr Hotel

#26 Al Qasr hotel swimming pool

Dubai is chock full of amazing swimming pools, but this is one of the most majestic.

25. Piscine Josephine Baker

#25 piscine-josephine-baker-paris

A floating swimming pool on the banks of the river Seine in Paris? Sure, why not.

24. Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club

#24 bondi icebergs sydney pool

The seaside saltwater pool at the Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club in Sydney, Australia, like the previous entry, is actually open to the public for a nominal fee. And yes, the ocean waves are supposed to crash into the pool like that. Fun, right?

23. COMO Shambhala Estate

#23 COMO Shambhala Estate at Begawan Giri swimming pool

This little resort in Bali looks like a nice little get-away, doesn’t it?

22. Alila Uluwatu Resort

#22 Alila Uluwatu resort swimming pool

This is another one from Bali to make the list. Get used to reading that. It’s a recurring theme.

21. Ulisses Morato House

#21 ulisses-morato-brazil pool

This home designed by architect Ulisses Morato is nestled in the mountains of Brazil and features a pretty spectacular view.

20. The Golden Nugget

#20 golden nuggest swimming pool

The Golden Nugget is one of the older hotels in Vegas, but they have the coolest pool. The $55 million installation features private luxury cabanas and a 3-story water slide that takes you through the middle of a shark tank.

19. Evason Phuket Resort

#19 evason phuket resort swimming pool

You can’t tell where the pool ends and the ocean begins at this resort in Phuket, Thailand. And that is awesome.

18. Hayman Island Resort

#18 hayman great barrier reef resort swimming pool

This pool on the Hayman Island near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia offers some pretty decent views, don’t you think?

17. Hotel du Cap

#17 hotel-du-cap-eden-roc-france swimming pool

Infinity pool. French Riviera. Enough said.

16. Cavo Tagoo Hotel

#16 cavo tagoo swimming pool greece

Infinity pool. Greek Riviera. (Do they call it that?) Also enough said.

15. Alila Ubud Resort

#15 alila-ubud

Here’s another one from Bali that’s pretty okay.

14. Four Seasons Seattle

#14 four seasons hotel seattle swimming pool

Who would have expected a pool in rainy Seattle to make the list?

13. Hemeroscopium House

#13 Hemeroscopium House

This Spanish residence is made entirely of precast concrete moulds, and that insane lap pool is cantilevered over the property.

12. Aspen Hot Tub

#12 aspen swimming pool

I actually don’t know if this hot tub is in Aspen, or even Colorado. All I know is I wish it were winter, and I with I were wherever this is.

11. Intercontinental Hong Kong

#11 intercontinental hotel hong kong pool

This hotel pool has an above-average view I would say.

10. The Joule Hotel

#10 joule-hotel-dallas swimming pool

If you’re ever in Dallas, you have to check this pool out.

9. Kempinski Hotel Ishtar

#9 Kempinski Hotel Ishtar pools

As you can see, this hotel in Ishtar, Jordan, couldn’t decide which amazing pool design to go with…so they built all of them.

8. Hotel Caruso

#8 hotel caruso swimming pool

This hotel pool is located in Ravello, Italy, in case you’re planning your next vacation.

7. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

#7 hugh hefner sky villa palms hotel swimming pool

You can stay at the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms in Vegas and swim in one of these ridiculous infinity pools hanging off the edge of the building for a mere $35,000 a night.

6. Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel

#6 ubud hanging gardens hotel bali swimming pool

Guess where this incredible pool is located. (Yep, Bali.)

5. Holiday Inn Shanghai

#5 holiday inn shanghai 24th story swimming pool

You don’t normally associate the Holiday Inn with fancy pools, but the one in Shanghai is definitely the exception to the rule.

4. San Alfonso del Mar

#4 san-alfonso-del-mar-largest-swimming-pool-in-the-world

This Chilean resort features the world’s largest outdoor pool. It’s a half a mile long (3,280 feet) and costs a whopping $4 million per year to maintain.

3. Ocean Dome

#3 ocean-dome-largest-indoor-swimming-pool

From the world’s largest outdoor pool to the world’s largest indoor pool. Located in Japan, it’s 300,000 square feet of aquatic fun.

2. Jade Mountain Resort

#2 jade-mountain-resort-st-lucia swimming pool

Each room at this St. Lucia has its own infinity pool with stunning views. Wait, I’m sorry, they’re not “rooms.” They’re “sanctuaries”—hotel code for “way out of your price range.”

1. Marina Sands

#1 marina-sands-singapore swimming pool

The Marina Bay Sands Skypark sits on top of the three towers that make up this Singapore casino. And all it has is this lousy 500 foot infinity pool with towering views of the Singapore skyline. Bore-ing.