12 Awesome Home Theaters

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awesome Home Theaters

There’s nothing like a good home theater. It provides the privacy and comfort of the home with the sophistication and performance of a movie theater. And some home theaters have an extra-special sensibility that sends them to another level. Like these 12 awesome home theaters which range from a batcave to a literary submarine to one with a screen as big as you get at a movie theater! These home theaters will make you envious whenever you watch a movie, no matter where you are when you watch it.

1. Indiana Jones Theater

The theme of this fantastic home theater is inspired by the popular Indiana Jones movies. It has a largely Egyptian motif, with some other ancient cultures thrown in for good measure.

2. Batcave Theater

Do you think the person who built this home theater likes Batman? I certainly hope so, as this is a home theater that would make Bruce Wayne proud. No real bats as far as I know, but you never can tell.

3. Pirates' Theater

Pirate ships didn’t generally contain home theaters, but that didn’t stop whoever built this home theater from patterning it after their favorite pirate movies, books, and TV shows. Also good for watching the Pittsburgh Pirates or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on TV.

4. Scifi Theater

This home theater has a more intimate feel than many of the others on this list. It has a smaller screen and more homey furniture – but it’s also loaded with charm and science fiction memorabilia like a replica of Robby the Robot.

5. Star Trek The Next Generation Theater

This home theater is based on the Starship Enterprise from the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. As you can see from the photos, it even has windows that appear to look out into space. Can you think of a better place to watch a movie than the dark, silent abyss of space?

6. Nautilus Theater

This home theater is modeled after the famous submarine of Captain Nemo of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It seems especially inspired by the 1954 Walt Disney movie version of the story.

7. Evergreen Ultimate Theater

The rich owner of this Star Trek-themed home theater paid around $3,000,000 for its construction, and it remains one of the most technologically impressive home theaters ever build. One of its most impressive features is its completely motorized sliding doors, just like the ones on the show!

8. Titanic Theater

It seems a little morbid to me to model a room in your house after the famously doomed ocean liner the Titanic, but oh well. It’s not my home theater. The best part is you can rearrange the chairs all you want!

9. Death Star Theater

The Death Star from Star Wars is so massive that it’s quite possible it had a movie theater somewhere on board. And if it did, it probably looked a lot like this home theater, which as far as I know doesn’t have the ability to destroy entire planets.

10. The Enterprise ncc-1701d Cinema

Another home theater modeled after the ship from the Star Trek franchise, this one comes complete with a “red alert” button which activates flashing lights and tense music. Weird alien monsters not included.

11. Classic Home Theater

Rather than taking on an elaborate movie or other theme, the designers of this home theater opted for a classical movie palace look. The result is a home theater that’s impressively designed but won’t feel weird watching lots of different things in. Can you imagine watching a western on the Death Star?

12. Kipnis Home Theater

The people at Kipnis Home Theaters are renowned for their home theater designs. And here is the crown jewel found in their very own home. It has a massive screen and incredible sound system – despite being only equipped to sit 3 people!