UR-110 URWERK Watch by Baumgartner & Frei Geneva

by: AnthonyP On  Wednesday, June 27, 2012
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 UR-110 URWERK by Baumgartner & Frei Geneva

Watchmakers Baumgartner & Frei Geneva have put out an insane—that is, insanely cool—looking watch that may well fit the definition of ‘futuristic’.

The URWERK UR-110 by Baumgartner & Frei Geneva comes in a Grade 5 titanium body for maximum durability, and features a red gold bezel.

Its face features a revolving satellite mechanism on planetary gears, with three parallel hour/minute modules resembling torpedoes. The time is displayed on the right, and each satellite follows a vertical line from 0 to 60 minutes in a downward motion.

Like the UR-202, the UR-110 costs over a hundred thousand dollars, so unless you’re rolling in dough, you may not be seeing this item on your wrist anytime soon.