Hyper Dog Ball Launcher Lets You Play Fetch Without Hurting Yourself

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

Playing fetch with a dog is always fun, but it can lead to tired arms and it’s unlikely to contend with your dog’s inexhaustible supply of energy.

To that end, Hyper Pet has come up with a sling shot called the Hyper Dog Ball Launcher. It comes with a tray that holds two tennis balls and lets you shoot the ball in any direction up to 220 feet, which is much farther away than anything you can throw, unless you’re a baseball player or something.

The Hyper Dog Ball Launcher will take the stress off your rotator cuff and put the fun back in playing fetch with your dog—where it matters.

You can pick it up on Amazon.

Source: Hyper Pet