20 Ridiculously Awesome Treehouses

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, June 21, 2012
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20 Ridiculously Awesome Treehouses

The art of the treehouse has been practiced by everybody from Tarzan to (if you’re lucky) your dad, and can encompass anything from a couple planks of wood nailed to a tree to an elaborate resort full of all the conveniences of home. But some treehouses are elevated to an even higher level. They look cool, they feel cool, they (probably) smell cool, and they’re in a tree! So if you like treehouses, or are in any way interested in treehouses, check out these awesome treehouses. Some of them are cool, some of them are weird, but they’re all awesome. Check out these amazing houses o’ trees, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll be living in one!

1. Free Spirit Spheres

These treehouses are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible – almost as unobtrusive as an actual tree. That spirit of unobtrusiveness is reflected in many treehouses, including many of the ones on this list, but this is one of the most unobtrusive treehouses of them all. In fact, it’s practically invisible.

2. 4TreeHouse

This brightly-illuminated treehouse is best described as a “Japanese lantern on stilts,” impeccably designed to allow light to filter down through the treetops to the forest floor. The effect is a pleasant light show that makes this one treehouse that looks better at night than it does during the day.

3. Syrabite Tree House

This ultra-modern design from the good folks at Syrabite is designed to be fully integrated with your tree-bound surroundings while not putting much of an ugly footprint on them at the same time. It’s like if The Jetsons lived in a treehouse and cared about the environment.

4. The Living Tree House

Designed as a futuristic update to the homes built by Habitat for Humanity, this treehouse’s unusual exterior is belied by its completely normal interior. This is just a conceptual drawing, but if the reality even comes close to matching the original image than it should be an awesome treehouse for the ages.

5. Takashi Kobayashi Nescafe Treehouse

Takashi Kobayashi is a world-renowned builder of treehouses, and this one commissioned for a Japanese Nescafe commercial is one of his best works. As you can see from the photos, this treehouse is designed for all-year-round use, although one would assume it’s a little less pleasant in winter than it is in the springtime!

6. Baumraum Treehouse

This treehouse comes from the land of Germany, and is a simple but elegant variation on the traditional treehouse. The open-air style of construction is different from many of the other treehouses on this list, which strive to be as much like traditional houses as possible.

7. O2 Sustainability Tree

This treehouse was designed first and foremost with the environment in mind. In addition to its eco-friendly design, it’s also made completely out of recycled materials. This commitment to the environment is one of the chief appeals of the “treehouse lifestyle” in the minds of many people.

8. Tree house at Alnwick Gardens

This is one of the largest treehouses in the world, and there are myriad walkways and labyrinths inside it. This treehouse is obviously quite a bit larger than average, and it also has a nice “hyper-realistic” quality that might remind you of Disney World.

9. Blue Forest Treehouses

Here are some shots from inside and outside a treehouse made by Blue Forest in the “fairy tale castle” tradition. As you can see, the interiors have not been furnished yet, but there’s plenty of space for all kinds of comfortable furniture – maybe even a throne or two.

10. Blue Forest Tree Towers

This treehouse, also from Blue Forest, features an even more castle-like appearance, complete with spires and towers. These castle-like treehouses can range from simple one-tower setups to huge elaborate castles like the ones you see here. It all depends on how much money you’re willing to spend on a castle in the trees.

11. More From Blue Forest

All the treehouses from Blue Forest (and all decent treehouses), put an emphasis on safety. Note the rails in the above photos. These rails are unobtrusive visually, but they could make all the difference when it comes to actually spending time in a tree house. After all, nobody wants to end up flat on the ground in front of their treehouse, no matter how cool it looks.

12. Ropes!


Many treehouses incorporates ropes into their designs for a more fun, organic feeling. Rope bridges are another feature you often see in treehouses, although special care has to be taken so as not to sacrifice safety for fun. This commitment to safety AND fun are a big part of any respectable treehouse builder.

13. Tree Mansion

Some treehouses are more like tree mansions, like the above treehouse, fit for a king. Note the long, winding staircase leading up to the house, and the treehouse itself which has a “complete” feel, unlike many other treehouses. It doesn’t wind and flow with the trees like some other treehouses, either.

14. Right Out of a Fairy Tale

These treehouses are some of the most fantastical on record – they almost look like something out Lord of the Rings. And that’s no accident – many treehouses are designed specifically with a fantasy element in mind. From the storybooks of your childhood right into the forest of real life: That’s what many treehouses seem to offer.

15. Treehouse Interiors

Check out the insides of these treehouses – comfortable, modern, elegant, but you’re not likely to forget you’re inside of a treehouse! As you can see, this treehouse even has an HD television. Not something you normally associate with treehouses, but who’s going to complain about an HDTV?

16. Artistic Treehouse

Some treehouses look especially artistic in their native habitat. Take this one, for instance, which wraps and curls around the trees as it mushrooms up into a very pleasing spherical shape. It both accentuates and enhances the landscape, which is something all worthwhile treehouse designers aspire to.

17. Robert Harvey Oshatz's Treehouse

Nestled in the forests of Portland, Oregon, this treehouse from acclaimed architect Robert Harvey Oshatz was designed as “the ultimate treehouse.” It might remind you of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright in the way that it seems to “flow” around the surrounding trees.

18. Robert Harvey Oshatz Interior

Here we have the inside of that “ultimate treehouse.” Looks pretty sweet, right? Between the impressive exterior and the comfortable interior, it’s doubtful that anyone would have much of a qualm with living in one of these treehouses. Unless they just don’t like heights. Or trees.

19. Traditional Treehouse

Here’s a treehouse to remind us that it doesn’t have to be mega-elaborate to be awesome. Based in Malibu, California, it’s just a slightly-fancier version of the treehouse many of us had as kids. And what could be more awesome than that?

20. Colorful Treehouse

The color of choice for most treehouses is either pale brown or dark green, you know to fit in with the trees. But this treehouse from Greg Lunger shows that a wilder color palette is sometimes desirable. Bright green, red, even orange, it all somehow works for this treehouse.