Nike Pro TurboSpeed Kit Unveiled for Team USA Olympians (Photos)

by: AnthonyP On  Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nike Pro Turbospeed Kit

Nike has put together a new outfit for Team USA’s track and field kit for the upcoming 2012 London Summer Olympics.

Called the Nike Pro TurboSpeed Kit, the new uniform is described as the fastest one the company has created to date, featuring what it calls “Zoned Aerodynamics,” which redirect air at certain areas of the body. Working very much in the manner of a golf ball, dimpled swaths of AeroSwift fabric deflect air off the runner’s limbs, allowing athletes to reach up to record speeds of 47mph while sprinting—assuming they run fast enough.

Nike Global Olympic Creative Director Martin Lotti had the following to say about the new kit:

“Our overriding design principle is superior lightweight performance, and we’ve created innovations that can help make the athlete faster. For the UST&F team, we’ve incorporated modern graphics and bold colors that reflect US national identity. Combined with the fact that every piece of apparel is made from recycled plastic bottles, it adds up to true innovation.”

So it looks cool, makes you run faster, and it’s environmentally friendly?  The Nike Pro Turbospeed kit sure sounds like a winner to me!