30 Badass BBQ Grills

by: Esteban On  Monday, June 18, 2012
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awesome weird unique barbecue bbq grills

There are a lot of men who would say they hate to cook, but love to barbecue. Of course, barbecuing is cooking, it’s just that, because it’s done outside, and because the smell of meat and smoke have a pharmacological affect on a man’s brain (much like cat nip on a cat), he doesn’t perceive it as cooking. Instead, we men perceive it (either tacitly or explicitly) as this primal ritual, and becoming the grillmaster of one’s home is like a right of passage.

So yeah, dudes love BBQ. And since we just celebrated Father’s Day over the weekend—when there are probably more BBQ grills and accessories sold than any other time of year—I thought this would be a perfect time to put together a list of really amazing, unique, and badass BBQ grills. Enjoy.

30. Trailer Hitch Tailgate Grill

#30 trailer hitch gas tailgait bbq grill

This little grill isn’t anything new. If you go to a lot of college or NFL football games, you’ve probably seen these a lot. But it still remains one of the greatest inventions of the last 100 years (a couple spots ahead of the snowblower, but a few back of the keggerator).

29. Baby Carriage BBQ

#29 weird_baby-carriage-bbq grill

I guess this is for the man whose baby back ribs are his baby, needs to be able to get around while he’s grilling, and doesn’t mind an inquisitive look or two.

28. The Cow-Grillin' Cow

#28 cow bbq grill

The only thing that could make this more ironic would be if it were manufactured in India.

27. Global BBQ

#27 Globe-BBQ grill

Fun BBQ idea: get some brats, Italian sausages, Polish sausages, hot dogs, and chorizos, and throw ‘em on the grill. Then, no one gets a sausage unless they can correctly identify where it’s is from. (You can do the same with the beer. A great way to embarrass your dumber friends.)

26. Pig-b-cue

#26 weird_pig-bbq-grill

The only thing that could make this more ironic would be if it were manufactured in Israel. (Although, you know, I get the feeling that this one is homemade.)

25. The ArmaGrillo

#25 armadillo_smoker_bbq

Let’s just hope no one actually tries to smoke an armadillo in this thing.

24. Classic Jaguar Grill

#24 jaguar-bbq-barbecue

A great way to re-purpose your old Jaguar when it breaks down for the 40th time (which will happen if you own a Jaguar for more than 3 years) and you’re just sick and tired of pouring money into that thing.

23. Sports Car & Grill

#23 sports car bbq grill

This photo seems fishy to me, so I suspect this grill doesn’t actually exist. It could and should exist, however, so I’ve left it on the list.

22. The Grilltendo

grilltendo nintendo bbq grill

A great way to add character to a classic Webber grill, and something you could easily do at home. (Perfect for grilling up some turtle-geese burgers.)

21. Muscle Car Engine Grill

#21 muscle car engine bbq grill

Now that is a thing of beauty. I don’t know if I’d even want to use it.

20. Caterpillar Grill

#20 engine bbq grill

This grill proves that when Caterpillar makes regular everyday items, they’re like 100 times more awesome than normal. I’d love to see what they could do with a remote control, or a tooth brush.

19. The BBQ Shack

#19 bbq-shack

Sometimes mobile homes have built in BBQs. But this looks more like a BBQ grill with a built in mobile home. Put a 42″ plasma TV in there, hook it up to a dish, and that’s probably where I’d spend all my free time May through September.

18. The Smokermobile

#18 bbq smoker mobile

I wonder what kind of gas mileage this thing gets. Regardless, if you keep this thing stocked with beef brisket, you could go as fast as you want and always get out of speeding tickets.

17. The Balcony Grill

#17 balcony-bbq

This thing probably couldn’t get hot enough to do a steak justice, but it’d probably handle some brats well enough. (Better than taking care of a flower box, that’s for sure.)

16. Four-Wheeler BBQ

#16 bbq_grill 4-wheeler

This grill can go anywhere. It would definitely taking camping fare up a notch.

15. Hemi-powered BBQ

#15 hemi-powered-grill

This grill as designed for a contest held by Chrystler called “What Can You HEMI?” I have no idea how the HEMI engine would “power’ the grill, but I’m sure it’s the only 345 horsepower BBQ on the planet.

14. The Mac Smoker

#14 world-largest-transportable-smoker

It wouldn’t be easy to store, but you’d be a pretty popular guy if you owned the world’s largest mobile smoker mobile. Also, I imagine you could make pretty good money taking this thing around to church picnics and county fairs.

13. Choo Choo Grill

#13 Train-Cooker-ribs

If you’re a train enthusiast, this would make for a much better hobby than playing with a train set. Just a suggestion.

12. The Portfolio Grill

#12 portable bbq grill

Whoever designed this is brilliant—easy to transport, easy to store. Unfortunately, you’re still going to have to lug around some charcoal. (If you want to buy it, it’s easy to find on the internets. Just google “fold up grill”; they run around $50.)

11. The Suitcase Grill

#11 portable bbq grill

This transportable grill is a lot more substantial that the last one. I want it.

10. The Dragon Pit

#10 dragon bbq grill

The grill that’s made by stoners, for stoners.

9. Keg-B-Q

#9 keg-a-barbecue

The frat boy’s barbecue of choice, you can find these for sale online, ranging from $60-$90. Just google “keg bbq.”

8. Working Car Grill

#8 car bbq grill

This one’s a custom job, so if you want one for your house you either gotta “know a guy,” or you better be handy with a welding torch. (My favorite feature is the cup-holders—the man thought of everything.)

7. F1 Racing Grill

#7 F1 racing bbq grill

This is from a company called Brennwagen, and if it looks a little bit like a Formula 1 race car, that’s because the owners of Brennwagen are former F1 engineers. Go buy one right now.

6. Floating BBQ

#6 floating bbq grill

If you’ve got $50,000 and a lake, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be on the phone with Hammacher Schlemmer placing your order for this bbq boat right now.

5. Motorcycle Smoker

#5 motorcycle bbq grill

Nothing’s better than hitting the open road and cooking some ribs at the same time.

4. The Smoking Gun

#4 gun shaped bbq grill

You see, guns don’t kill people; barbecue kills people…by clogging their arteries.

3. Classic Car Grill

#3 classic car bba grill and diner

I guess if you’re going to ruin a beautiful classic car, it might as well be for the sake of turning it into one of the world’s greatest barbecue grills.

2. The Portable Sports Ball & Grill

#2 bbq grill sports bar trailer

A smoker/mobile sports bar? I just cried manly tears of joy.

1. Gold Grill

#1 solid gold bbq grill

When you see the words “gold grill,” guys like Lil’ Wayne usually come to mind. But here, obviously, I was being more literal.

This baby comes from grill maker BeefEater. It’s plated with 24k gold, fully functional, and can be yours for just $12,500.

All I can say is what, no diamonds?