Beercandy Will Save Your Hunger for Beer and Candy

by: AnthonyP On  Friday, June 15, 2012
Tags:  Beer   Beercandy   Candy  


Beer and candy are easily the two best things in the world. Now, what would it be like if you could mix the two? Well, if you’ve got a sweet tooth and a craving for beer, there’s this amazing thing called Beercandy that combines our love for stout and sweet.

Beercandy¬†comes in four different caramels, each of which is made using a real craft beer. You’ll have a choice between an IPA caramel with white chocolate, a lager caramel with milk chocolate, raspberry lambic in dark chocolate, and finally, a stout caramel in dark chocolate.

If that’s not enough, the people who make Beercandy are also selling beer taffy and beer hopdrops to help further satisfy both your sweet tooth and your beer belly.