Rinser Toothbrush Turns Your Tap Into a Drink Fountain

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rinser Toothbrush
Who needs a plastic cup when you can switch over to a Rinser Toothbrush?

Developed by Amron Experimental, this special toothbrush (note: it’s not actually floating in the air—your hand is supposed to be there) allows you to convert your toothbrush into a water fountain, and you won’t even need to change your tap to use it!  The Rinser’s interesting design allows you to simply hold it under the tap, and voila!  Water shoots up into your mouth, similar to what you see in the above image.

The Rinser will make you feel like a kid again, and being what it is—a compact toothbrush—you won’t need to waste sink space on an ugly cup that falls over every time you reach for the soap.

Source: Cool Material