Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

by: AnthonyP On  Monday, June 11, 2012

Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott, fall/winter 2012

With the change of the seasons, Jeremy Scott has teamed up with Adidas for the company’s Adidas Originals Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

The collection looks like nothing you’d see on the street, as the designs are comprised of bizarre colors, uncommon materials, and some of the pairs even see the addition of teddy bear heads.  Despite their peculiarity—or due to the fact that they’re peculiar—Jeremy Scott has managed to amass somewhat of a cult following for his oddball designs.

The new Fall/Winter 2012 collection contains designs with flower prints, foot cuffs, and more. Only hipsters need apply. Needless to say, you can probably expect to see Kanye West sporting a pair of these shoes in the very near future.