40 Bizarre Dating-Site Screen Caps

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, June 7, 2012

For years, online dating sites were considered nothing more than a waste land of losers and perverts desperately seeking to get laid. But today… well, that’s still pretty much the case, at least based on these 40 bizarre dating-site screen caps. From sex offenders to virgins to conspiracy theorists, this gallery runs the gauntlet of what the online-dating world has to offer, and it ain’t pretty. Then again, I ain’t so pretty myself. But that’s why I don’t put my picture up on internet dating sites.


Sources: Buzzfeed, plenty-of-fishy-cupids, okcenemies

Batter Up!

Come at me, bro!

The 29-Year -Old Vergin

Good garls are hard to find.

Time For A Shave

Preparation is key.

Preparing For Death

Nothing prepares you for death like a long term relationship.

Addicted To Love

I assume “you know what” is penis.

A Lot Of Time Thinking

Survey says…yes.

The Gunman

I read about your cousin in Norway.

The Truth Stinks

At least he’s honest.

Pickle Juice

Who doesn’t?

Hot Spot

He learned from his mom.

I Eat Butt

Tastes like chicken… and ass.

A Boy Or A Man

Well, this dude seems legit.

Surf Your Way Into My Heart


Welding And Shootin'

Why did “welding” end in a “g” but not “shootin”? Either way, at least this dude is good at two things. Most people aren’t good at anything.

I Died

No one likes a braggart!

Let Me Think

“Hmmm…geee…How do I make “sex offender” sound less creepy? Let me get back to you.”

Fun Gun

This is the first useful piece of information on this list.

RIP Justin

My best friend is dead. Wanna go on a date?

Airplane School

They said I could be anything… so I became a douche bag.

I Got A Big One

This is hardly the place to bring up hemorrhoids.

Just Acting Kool

The “k” on kool was a nice touch.


It’s good to keep it mysterious.

The Evil That Men Do

I think this might be King Tut from the old “Batman” TV show.

Do You Own A Gun

Ranged combat is for pussies. Melee, bitches!

First Impressions

Who’s that sexy dude with the ninja sword?

Jerry Seinfeld Dressed As Spider-Man

“What’s the deal with the Green Goblin?”

Inside Job

What if she was a “honey trap” set up by the CIA?


That dog is screwed.

Simple, Yet Eloquent

He said no “faggots,” plural. Just one is still OK.

Strike Three

LOL, indeed!

My Friends Are Great

Stop, you’re getting me so hot.

Mike Tyson

Yeah, convicted rapists are cool. Wait… no.

Ever Try To Make Your Own Cheetos?

Well, yeah!

My Face

If that’s the case, you’re screwed.

Welcome To The Gun Show

Your dad sounds hella cool.

My Favorite Part

His second favorite part is her spleen.

I Met Jesus

Why didn’t you ask Jesus what heaven was going to be like when you had the chance, dummy!

The First Thing People Notice

I would have guessed “your waist.”

I Have No Teeth

Did a woman shoot them out?

The End

I like big bus, and I can not lie.