40 Stylish and Unique Urinals From Around The World

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, June 5, 2012
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On the whole, most urinals are pretty similar. Sure, some are taller than others, but at the end of the day, they’re all just white-porcelain piss pots. However, every now and then, an ingenious individual will turn your average urinal into a work of art. I’m assuming you consider peeing into a demon’s mouth “art.” If not, it’s going to be a long article.

Here are 40 unique urinals you’d be lucky to pee in.

1. Card Suit Urinals

Go for a straight flush.

2. Mouth-Shaped Urinals

If you’ve always wanted to pee in someones mouth, this is probably the closest you’ll get without using Craig’s List.

3. Virgin Mary and Dragon Urinals

I’m not sure I see the connection.

4. Electric Guitar Urinal

You pissing on a guitar can’t sound any worse than Korn.

5. Ladies At The Urinal

I wonder what they have in the ladies room?

6. Horn Urinals

I piss on classical music.

7. Upside-Down Woman Urinal

Sadly, these are the remains of a real woman who was killed during the construction of this bathroom.

8. Skyline Urinal

I appreciate the view, but would it kill them to throw up some dividers between the urinals?

9. Too Close For Comfort Urinals

Is that splash back coming from my urinal, or yours?

10. Medieval Urinal

Game of Thrones is really popular these days.

11. Draw While You Pee Urinal

Way more fun than Draw Something.

12. Flower Urinal

Sometimes it’s best not to stop and smell the roses.

13. Horn Urinal #2

Why is your woodwind in the brass section?

14. Erection Urinal

As long as it doesn’t squirt back.

15. Asian WTF Urinal

Because sometimes, peeing in an open mouth just isn’t weird enough.

16. Headless Women Urinal

Someone’s been reading my dream journal.

17. Skyline Urinal #2

Classy…except for the buckets.

18. Coffin Urinal

Why wait to piss on my grave when you can piss on my coffin now?

19. Beer Keg Urinal

Circle of life.

20. Guillotine Urinal

Off with his head!

21. Skyline Urinal #3

Finally, someone with enough sense to put up some dividers.

22. Manikin Urinals

Because sometimes a photo of a woman watching you pee just isn’t enough.

23. Motorcycle Urinal

Your bike is leaking oil.

24. Demon Mouth

Because why not wave your genitals in front of a demon’s jaws?

25. Flower Urinal #2

I do like the fact that there are normal options for those of us who don’t want to piss into a Georgia O’Keeffe paining.

26. Nature At The Airport

Outdoor scenes always help me tinkle.

27. Girls Laughing At You Urinal

It’s like prom night all over again.

28. Mouth-Shaped Urinals #2

I guess this first batch was not an isolated incident.

29. TV Urinal

Don’t miss a minute of the game, and pee on your least favorite players at the same time.

30. Robot Arm Urinal

Need help urinating? The future is now!

31. Flower Urinal #3

This orange flower is much better, because honestly, who wants to pee in a pink flower?

32. Saddam Hussein Urinal

This one is very popular in Kurdish regions.

33. Painful Flower Urinal

Don’t get drunk and mistake this one for a toilet.

34. Reverse Urinal Sink

OK, it’s a sink, not a urinal, but I’m including it anyway cause it’s awesome.

35. Man's Mouth Urinal

Because it’s important to know the gender of the mouth you are pissing into.

36. Shark Mouth Urinal

It’s either this, or bribe the guy at Sea World and pee on the real thing.

37. Demon Mouth Urinal #2

This would be cool for a church bathroom

38. Virgin Mary Urinals

This would not be cool for a church bathroom.

39. Female Urinal

A little something for the ladies.

40. The Original Urinal

You can’t improve on a classic.