History Supreme is the Most Expensive Yacht in the World at $4.8 Billion

by: AnthonyP On  Monday, June 4, 2012

History Supreme

Yachts can be described as the homes of the ultra rich, but not necessarily the most famous. Priced at a whopping $4.8 billion, the History Supreme is the property of an anonymous Malaysian “multi-multi-billionaire”.

Why does it cost so much? Well, it’s adorned with one hundred thousand kilograms of solid gold and platinum, and it contains some of the rarest artifacts in the world—we’re talking priceless art, ancient statues, and who knows what else.

History Supreme Interior

The History Supreme was built by the UK-based Stuart Hughes and Company, taking a total of three years to complete —a long time in shipbuilding terms.  Every single solid object onboard is wrapped in either gold or platinum. Even the master bedroom is decorated with rocks from a meteorite and a bone from a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Despite the owner’s demands for anonymity, he has no problem showing the yacht off to the press.  Journalists speculate that the owner is Malaysian billionaire Robert Kuok, who also happens to be the richest person in Southeast Asia for his ownership of numerous hotels and sugarcane plantations.  And if they’re right, good for Kuok!

history supreme 3

Source: BornRich