Claudia Schiffer Features in Guess’ 30th Anniversary Pictorial (Photos)

by: AnthonyP On  Sunday, June 3, 2012

Claudia Schiffer Guess 30th Anniversary Campaign

Blonde-hairedsupermodel Claudia Schiffer used to make all the headlines way back in the 90s. So popular was she, that she even got hitched to the world’s most famous magician, David Copperfield.

Claudia Schiffer may be a little older now, but she’s still as beautiful as she ever was. Like a fine wine, she’s aged well—and Guess is taking full advantage of that in their 30th anniversary feature by Ellen von Unwerth.

Claudia Schiffer is featured in a series of beautiful black and white images, capturing her classic beauty and combining it with Guess’s style by Paul Marciano. Needless to say, she’s stunning.

It just goes to show that true beauty doesn’t vanish with age.