Le Burger Extravagant is the World’s Most Expensive Burger Sold at Serendipity 3

by: AnthonyP On  Friday, June 1, 2012

New York City restaurant called Serendipity 3(a classy name, if ever there was one) has just announced its latest addition to its already refined menu: a hamburger.Le Burger Extravagant is made from butter-infused Japanese Wagyu beef and topped with James Montgomery cheddar cheese, black truffles and a fried quail egg, Le Burger Extravagant will set you back by $295, but you’ll always be able to remember the time you spent a third of a grand on a piece in-between two slices of bread.

The meal is served on a gold-dusted campagna roll spread with white truffle butter and topped with a blini, creme fraiche and caviar.

The whole thing is topped off with a solid gold Fleur de Lis-styled toothpick encrusted with diamonds and designed by Euphoria New York, so honestly, it’s not a bad buy.

It’s totally worth it, in our opinion.

Source: Guinness World Records