• MB&F Arachnophobia: A Spider That Tells Time

    MB&F Arachnophobia: A Spider That Tells Time

    New from watch brand MB&F is a timepiece that goes well beyond the usual wristwatch standard into much more surreal, even horrifying territory. It’s the MB&F Arachnophobia – a timepiece that earns its name with its spider-like shape and eight arachnid legs. The MB&F Arachnophobia is different from a real spider in a few crucial […]

  • Nickelodeon Announces Retooled Versions of Classic Shows

    Nickelodeon Announces Retooled Versions of Classic Shows

    I am a writer on the internet, which means I have to pay attention to any news involving classic 90s Nickelodeon programming, even if it’s just a vague proclamation from a Nick executive. This vague proclamation came in an interview between Variety and president of content and development at Nickelodeon Russell Hicks, who made the […]

  • Nugget: App Provides “Nuggets From Books That Make You Better”

    Nugget: App Provides “Nuggets From Books That Make You Better”

    A long time ago, people used to read books for pleasure, enjoying the stories and/or ideas found inside. Those days, thankfully, are behind us, and now we only read books for the self-improvement tips they contain.  And now there’s a new app that extracts these precious nuggets for effortless consumption. It’s called, helpfully, Nugget. Nugget […]

  • Nike Therma-Sphere Max (Video)

    Nike Therma-Sphere Max (Video)

    It’s September, which means it’s time for us all to start getting ready for colder weather. For most of us, that means dragging the comforter out of the closet, but for those of us with some serious athletic training in mind, there’s the new Nike Therma-Sphere Max line, recently unveiled by the company. All the […]

  • McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu is Coming

    McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu is Coming

    It’s been in the air for a while now, but I’ve waited until it was definite, and now it appears to be just that – starting next month, the McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu is scheduled to be available in virtually every McDonald’s retail location in the United States. The McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu was previously […]

  • Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

    Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

    The time is obviously right for a Polaroid renaissance, with Instagram a huge phenomenon and even a book of Andy Warhol’s old Polaroid snapshots coming out.  Polaroid itself has been trying to reintegrate itself into mainstream photography for a while now, and their latest attempt is the Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera. The Polaroid Snap […]

  • Snow Peak Silicone Glasses (Photos)

    Snow Peak Silicone Glasses (Photos)

    Glasses made out of traditional glass are great – they look good, and they even sound and feel good if you’re mindful enough to appreciate such things. But at one point or another, we all get sick of having glasses that can break just if somebody sings too loud.  If you’re past this point, you […]

  • ‘Halo 5′ Opening Cinematic Released (Video)

    ‘Halo 5′ Opening Cinematic Released (Video)

    We still have almost two whole months to wait until Halo 5 drops onto store shelves, but the people at Microsoft are stoking the already white-hot fires of anticipation by releasing the game‘s opening cinematic online. It’s just a few minutes long but it showcases the scope of the game as well as the characteristically […]

  • Saver Emergency Breath System Prevents Smoke Inhalation (Video)

    Saver Emergency Breath System Prevents Smoke Inhalation (Video)

    If you’re in the unfortunate circumstance of being inside a house that’s on fire, you actually have as much to fear from sucking down smoke than you do the flames themselves. So if you’re the cautious sort who keeps a fire extinguisher on hand, Saver Emergency Breath System makes for a logical next step in fire […]

  • New Google Logo Unveiled (Video)

    New Google Logo Unveiled (Video)

    Google is still a relatively new company as far as those with iconic brand logos are concerned, so it’s kind of surprising to remember they’ve changed logos several times already. They’ve done it once again, with a new Google logo that was designed to emphasize that Google has services across a wide variety of platforms. […]